Welcome to GIS at Calvin College!

Our GIS courses train students in foundations and advanced techniques in the state-of-the-art.

Using ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine, our geospatial courses educate students in GIS analysis. We host multiple GIS servers on campus for education training of students. In addition, we have wonderful facilities to learn and grow in GIS education. Students in several different majors/minors take courses in mapping from the GEO Department at Calvin, including Archaeology, Biology, Business, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geology, Geography, History, International Development, Pre-Architecture, and Urban Studies.

GIS Online App's

Access Online | A full interactive mapping platform dedicated to Plaster Creek learning, research, and restoration. Maps, History, Images, and Video all dedicated to learning about Plaster Creek.

Access Online | An interactive map to explore dunes in Michigan. Include drawing, add data to the map, elevation profiles, geocoding, and several layers of imagery and vector data.

Access Online | An interactive journal map to explore multiple aspects of dunes in Michigan! (Currently in development stage).

Access Online | Live in the USA but don't know your neighborhood geography? An interactive map of demographic and economic data in the USA.

Access Online | An interactive map of all the trees on campus that are a diameter of 4 inches or more on campus.

Access Online | Over 90 acres of temperate deciduous forest, wetlands and old fields await your exploration on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich. While you're here, visit the Bunker Interpretive Center, a LEED-certified facility used for environmental education.

Access Online | (Including the Kurdish Conflict Dataset (KCD))

Access Online | gis.calvin.edu

Access Online | prod-gis.calvin.edu