At Calvin, we explore things—all things. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty as we use every tool God has given us to study, serve, and sustain God's creation.

Program highlights

  • As a student, you will have opportunities to partner with experienced professors to do research on real-world problems.
  • Enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, much of it funded by grants from institutions such as the National Science Foundation.
  • Choose from academic programs that are on the leading edge of a nationwide reform movement in undergraduate biology education.
  • Study with professors who are committed Reformed Christians and scientists; they teach every class the biology department offers and are accessible to students for advising.

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Explore Biology at Calvin
Major, Minor and Courses

Majors, Minors and Programs
Explore biology majors, the environmental science (biology emphasis) major, integrative biotechnology minor and more.


Explore the biology department’s extensive research programs, funded by over $6 million in grants from organizations like the National Science Foundation.

Phage Research

Phage Hunters
Want to do real research in your first year at Calvin? Apply by March 25, 2019 for a spot in this hands-on biology course sequence.

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