Cutting the price tag


Broken price tag

How families just like yours are affording a Calvin education

Families just like mine? Really?

Really. Take a look:

Family income image

Family income distribution for students applying for financial aid.

Calvin has students from all economic backgrounds.

So how much does Calvin cost?

2016–17 cost

Calvin's annual cost

Cost includes:

  • $31,730 for tuition
  • $9,840 for room & board

2016–17 comparison

  • Average midwest 4-year private colleges
  • Average national 4-year private colleges
  • Calvin College
  • Average midwest 4-year private colleges
  • Average national 4-year private colleges
  • Calvin College

Still, that’s a lot of money—how can my family afford that?

To answer that, let’s first discuss

Sticker price


That $41,570 number? That’s the sticker price. It’s big and it’s daunting. But for most families at Calvin, it’s not the number they’ll actually pay.


First cut


First, we subtract scholarships—up to $18,000 (based on merit).


Second cut


Next, we subtract grants—up to $20,000 (based on need).


Second cut


Finally, we subtract student loans—up to $5,500.


Actual cost


What we’re left with is the actual cost, often times significantly less than the original sticker price. It is the amount left over after scholarships, grants and student loans have been applied.


So how much can I expect my actual cost to be?

It varies

While the actual cost of Calvin is different for each family, based on merit, need levels and other eligibility criteria, the average financial aid package for incoming students last year was $23,000.


In the fall of 2016, 99% of new Calvin students received scholarships and/or grants—gift money that doesn’t need to be repaid.


  Apply for admission and financial aid to find out what YOUR actual cost will be.

Then I’m guessing I’ll come out with
$100,000+ in loans, right?

Not even close.


You may have heard the shocking stories of six-figure college debt...

News report


But of the students at Calvin who borrow, average student loan debt is $30,998—a far cry from the amounts we often hear cited.


In fact, 40% of Calvin students graduate with NO debt at all!

No debt

That’s still a good chunk of change.
How will I repay that?

Calvin grads are successful.

Student worker


Calvin students develop a great work ethic, starting with 1,500+ on-campus job opportunities.




86% of Calvin students have participated in an internship by the time they graduate—great preparation for after they leave.



98% of the class of 2015 grads were either employed or in grad school one year after graduation.



The Calvin LifeWork program starts with your passion and unleashes your career path, all while teaching you about the value of living well. And it results in a $3,000 scholarship.


As a result, Calvin grads are able to pay back their loans.

Take a look at these loan default rates among graduates:

Calvin College Private colleges Public universities

What will I get for my money?

But don’t just take our word for it.

Thumbs up


In 2016, MONEY Magazine ranked Calvin College the best value among private colleges in Michigan based on educational quality, affordability and career outcomes.

US News and World Report - Best Colleges Regional Midwest


U.S. News & World Report ranks Calvin College #1 on its Midwest Regional Colleges list.

Ok, so what’s next?


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