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Live what you love

God inspires your passions. Where will those passions take you?

Calvin LifeWork prepares you for life after university, from your career to your relationships to your overall success in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. Whatever God is calling you to, we'll help you dive right in!


What you'll learn

Your journey will cover four main areas:

Heart in hand icon, representing vocation


Discover what God is calling you to do and who he is calling you to be. Realize you have gifts that will transcend your career—gifts that you can use at all times for God's kingdom.

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Career Readiness

Most of us will spend much of our adult life working. Whether you are planning to go to grad school or get hired right after university, we'll help you pursue your career path with both passion and purpose.

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Financial Literacy and Life Skills

Bills, rent, budgeting. Relationships, conflict resolution, making a big move. No matter what intimidates you about the adult world, we'll equip you to thrive in these areas.

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Leadership Development

Be a leader not only in your field of work and study, but in your church and in your community. Your voice matters, and we’ll make sure you know how to use it to lead with conviction.

What it looks like

Meeting with career counselor

Career coaching
Throughout the program, career coaches will help you explore your career options and prepare for internship opportunities. Calvin's coaches are experts in career readiness, networking and the job search. Plus, they're some of your biggest fans and encouragers.

LifeWork seminar

Live and learn
Dive deep into interactive learning through in-person and online workshops, getting your questions answered from both professionals at Calvin and industry leaders in the community. But don't stop there: find an internship that gives you on-the-ground experience in your field.

LifeWork works into your schedule

Time well spent
With four years of opportunities, the Calvin LifeWork program is designed to fit around your regular course schedule. We invite every single student to participate—and live out the results!

How it works

Year 1: Discover Badge

Year 1: Discover

Identify and explore your interests, values and strengths, connecting them with God’s call on your life.

Year 1 highlights

Year 2: Equip badge

Year 2: Equip

Gain practical, professional and world-readiness skills for your career, graduate education and post-grad life.

Year 2 highlights

Year 3: Experience badge

Year 3: Experience

Jump into internships, research projects and other opportunities for experiential learning.

Year 3 highlights

Year 4: Launch icon

Year 4: Launch

Put the final touches on your resume, schedule interviews and launch into a life that aligns with God’s call.

Year 4 highlights

What students are saying

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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