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Your passion can shape a student’s potential.

Your gift to Calvin University can become art shows or basketball games or summer research. It can provide smart classrooms or service-learning opportunities. It can help create a vibrant environment on campus where students can ask hard questions as they discover more about who God created them to be.

When you give to Calvin University, you can decide what impact you want to have.

Where to give

What matters most to you?

Have an immediate impact on students with a gift to the Calvin Annual Fund. The Annual Fund fills the gap where tuition dollars stop.

Why give

“My first semester at Calvin, we talked a lot about vocation. My professors were intentional about showing us how to apply what we were learning in practical ways. I learned I can bring change to the brokenness in the world, and I know I wouldn’t have experienced that without the help of people who give.” Shiny Samuel '19
“Before I came to Calvin, school was school, and faith was faith. But when I got here, those barriers started to come down. I began to learn what it looks like to have my beliefs spill into every area of my life. Your investment ensures more students have the chance to learn what it means to integrate their Christian convictions into every area of life.” Jax Heil '22

The Calvin Annual Fund is an unrestricted fund that supports the areas of greatest need on campus. It helps every student, every day.


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