In Calvin's outdoor recreation programs, it's all about re-creation. By getting out of doors, out of your context, you can start to discover truths about who you are and who God is as you explore the world he has made. Outdoor rec isn't just a way to escape—it's a powerful way to learn, and the discoveries you make you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Fall and interim events

Sept. 14 Yosemite Informational Meeting
Sept. 15 Adventure Club Meeting
Sept. 16-17 Wilderfest Trips
Sept. 20 Climbing course sign up
Sept. 23-25 DYS Free Gear Rental
Sept. 30 Yosemite Applications due
Oct. 5 Adventure Club Meeting
Nov. 3 Adventure Club Meeting
Nov. 12 Top-rope Competition
Dec. 7 Adventure Club Meeting
Jan 3-11 Wilderness First Responder

Opportunities for adventure