In Calvin's outdoor recreation programs, it's all about re-creation. By getting out of doors, out of your context, you can start to discover truths about who you are and who God is as you explore the world he has made. Outdoor rec isn't just a way to escape—it's a powerful way to learn, and the discoveries you make you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Opportunities for adventure

Upcoming Events

Jan 3-11 Wilderness First Responder
Feb. 9 Adventure Club: Adventure Grant Launch; Intro to Adventure Grant Trip Planning/Permitting
Feb. 16 Winter Backpacking Seminar – Hoogenboom 280 7pm-8:30pm
Feb. 20-23 Adventure Grant Consulting (Sign Up for a Time at the Climbing Center)
Feb. 24 Adventure Grant Trip Applications and Plans Due (Climbing Center)
Feb. 25-26 Winter Backpacking (Sign Up by Feb. 15 and attend Feb. 16 Seminar)
March 4 Adventure Club: Wilderness First Aid Seminar
March 11 Adventure Club: Wilderness Skills Seminar
March 17-26 Adventure Grand Spring Break Trips
April 6 Adventure Club: Micro Adventure Films
April 10 Banff Mountain Film Festival ($10 student price)
April 22 Climbing Comp ($10 – sign up at Climbing Center
April 21-23 Wilderfest Spring Trips (Sign Up at the Climbing Center)
April 25-26 Wilderfest Spring Trips (Sign Up at the Climbing Center)


  • Grand Ledge Climbing ($20)
  • Manistee River Canoe ($30)
  • Manistee River Backpack ($30)
  • Beak River White-Water Kayak ($30)
  • Red River Gorge Climb ($60)
  • Northern Michigan Cycle ($40)

Equipment rental, outfitting and cycle maintenance March 1–May 4

  • Monday 3:30–5pm
  • Thursday 3:30–5pm

Pool Kayaking February 7–May 4

    • 8–9PM Pool to river class
    • 9–10PM Open paddle
    • 8–9PM Open paddle
    • 9–10PM Kayak water polo

Pool to river kayaking course (5 week course); Tuesdays 8–9PM.

Sign up at the Climbing center desk. This five week course brings students from basic paddle strokes and kayak safety to kayak rolls. This course intends to provide students with skills necessary to bring their hard shell kayaking skills outdoors.

  • Course 1: February 7–March 9
  • Course 2: March 28–April 18 (this section includes a 2 hour paddle session)