Exploring the arts in academics

Calvin offers numerous majors, minors, and concentrations in the arts.

Studio art

The bachelor of arts with a major in studio art offers students a strong foundation in art creation. Students concentrate on one area of studio art, choosing among ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, graphic arts, and visual communication. Learn more.


Through courses in American, British and global literature, as well as writing and theory, students explore literature and its roots through in-depth study. Learn more.

Art education

The bachelor of arts with a major in art education qualifies students for certification by the state of Michigan to teach art in elementary and secondary schools. This degree combines studio art, art history, and art education. Learn more.

Film and media

The film and media major provides a foundation for students interested in the intersections between faith, culture, and film and media. Through coursework primarily in the history, theory, criticism, and practice of film and media arts, students will be well prepared for a variety of callings in the areas of film studies, media studies, advertising and public relations, and other communication-based vocations. Learn more.


Through courses that examine the history, theory, and practice of drama, students will learn to understand theatre and its relationship to the cultures that have produced it. Students studying theatre gain experience through courses, off-campus programs, on-campus theatre productions, and internships. Learn more.


The dance program focuses on the craft of dance through studio courses and performance, the science of dance through the study of kinesiology, and the art of dance through studies of history, religion, culture, and composition. Learn more.


Through courses in poetry, creative writing, business writing, nonfiction writing, and journalism, writing students explore the art and science of writing. Learn more.


Students interested in music can obtain a general music degree or focus their studies in one of five programs: music education, music history, music performance, music theory/composition, and music in worship. Learn more.

Graphic design

The graphic design major prepares students interested in working in a commercial or non-profit setting to communicate creatively and effectively through the use of type, layout, design, and photography. This major stresses foundational skills in business and design. Learn more.