Become part of a storytelling community where you will develop skills and relationships that will last long after your final curtain call at Calvin.

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Calvin Theatre Company has been awarded a grant of $19,500 from the State of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA). The grant was awarded through the MCACA peer review process and was one of 575 applications to compete for MCACA fiscal year 2017 funding.

In the theatre, artist and audience join together to encounter the heights and depths of human experience and emotion. At Calvin, our task is to tell these very human stories with honesty, humility, and compassion.

Skills for life

Calvin Theatre Company is a community that welcomes people with all kinds of talents from all different majors—from actors and directors to set builders and dramaturgs, you have talents that are vital to the production. What you learn through putting those skills into practice can translate into a huge variety of vocations: design, communications, business, and government work are just a few. Learn more about how your theatre experience at Calvin will stick with you the rest of your life.

Stage 2

2018-2019 Season

A Season to Create, Unite and Renew - Exploring Gender, Race, and Reconciliation

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