Become a member of the Calvin Theatre Company

Calvin Theatre Company is open to all students who are interested in learning more about theatrical storytelling and making excellent theatre in the process. You do NOT need to be a theater minor to participate in CTC.

Membership in the company is determined by a simple interview, with open interviews held in September and December. Once accepted into the company, a CTC member will participate in a for-credit practicum class and gain experience in many aspects of theatre production.

Schedule an interview

To request an interview time, please fill out the Sign-up form.

When to interview

Fall CTC interviews are held on two consecutive evenings during the first week of fall classes in September. Spring CTC interviews are held during the final week of fall classes in December. Look for announcements on the student-news listserv.

What to expect at your interview

CTC interviews are held in small groups of 5-6 students. Since theatre is a collaborative art form, we begin to build a community during the audition process.

We talk briefly about the company and answer any questions you may have. We also do a few simple physical and vocal warm-ups, and for those interested in acting, we provide you with a short audition piece to read.

You do not need to prepare anything for your interview. Simply show up a few minutes early for your scheduled time, wear comfortable clothes and expect to spend about 30 minutes with us. For more information please check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)