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Female student wading in Plaster Creek, examining a sample of water, holding it up to the sky.


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Quick Facts

theatre icon 100+
visual, musical, and theatrical performances throughout the year
group icon 20+
arts organizations and campus groups
stage icon 38
uniquely designed spaces to practice, create, exhibit, and perform
painting icon 25
students in Arts Collective cohort

Student Showcase

What we’re creating

Suitable Home
  • Suitable Home
  • Kendra Kamp
Reverse Landscape - ceramic piece with green drips
  • Reverse Landscape
  • Rebekah Inman
Rebirth - ceramic pieces that resemble cracked open eggs
  • Rebirth
  • Nathania Wijaya
Balance - lighthouse and two islands
  • Balance
  • Michael Hsu
Cage - long exposure light in darkness
  • Cage
  • Corrie VanderBrug
Cygnus - two white swans in a pond
  • Cygnus
  • Carlie Bergsma
Batik Cup - Rebekah holding her clay masterpiece
  • Batik Cup
  • Rebekah Inman
Peaks & Basin - Jenna's orange and grey clay jar on a table
  • Peaks & Basin
  • Jenna Atma
Prince of Wales Hotel - beautiful hotel in Alberta
  • Prince of Wales Hotel
  • Mark Randall
The Building Wall - uniquely shaped tiles
  • The Building Wall
  • Jaclyn Kuyers
The Pharaoh in Atlanta - greyscale photograph of building in Atlanta
  • The Pharaoh in Atlanta
  • Mimi Mutesa
The Space Between Us - Strings intertwining between two hands
  • The Space Between Us
  • Mark Randall

Why we make art

You were created to create

Make things new

This world has cracks and flaws. It is endlessly imperfect. Art has the potential to revive, reconnect, and restore what is broken. At Calvin, we take that power seriously. Our poems give words a new heart. Our paintings turn issues into understanding. Our films build relationships. Our arias renew weary souls. Through art—in all its powerful forms—we tangibly renew God’s creation.

Provoke action

Can the arts make a city a better place to live? Free the oppressed? Reconcile inequality? At Calvin, we approach the arts with the bold belief that creative work is meant to serve God and others by questioning the status quo, challenging injustices, and actively working to make the world more like God intended it to be.

Revel in beauty

Great creative work draws you to a deeper place—a place of unfettered emotion and boundless joy. Through vibrant offerings in the arts—concerts, films, festivals, theatre performances, and more—Calvin invites you to revel in creative culture, believe in its ability to do good, and experience it as much more than entertainment.

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