Calvin LifeWork (CLW) is a co-curricular program that pulls together resources from across campus to prepare students in four key areas: Career-Readiness, Leadership, Personal Finance and Vocation.

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Program enrollment

We'll reach out to you multiple times (via email) during September to walk you through the enrollment process. It is as simple as accepting the student agreement terms by clicking a few boxes. The deadline to sign the agreement is October 1. Not interested in the program? Curent students can opt out of the program using this form.

Program kickoff for first year students

Incoming first year students: The kickoff happens each September. Students who are unable to attend the kickoff can watch an introductory video instead. For first year students in 2019, the kickoff was on September 12, 3:30-4:30, in the CFAC. Students who missed the kickoff can watch the Introduction to Calvin LifeWork video instead at

Program logistics

  • Average of one module per month during the school year, 1-2 hours of time each month, including the post-module follow-up activity
  • All modules are offered online, and some are also offered in-person
  • In-person modules are offered multiple times per month at different times of day and every week
  • Students can complete modules any time during the month, flexible to fit any student’s schedule, even if studying abroad
  • An internship or research fellowship is required prior to starting the program's fourth year
  • Career coach assigned to each student based on the student’s major

Meet your CLW program coach

  • LaShone Manuel

    LaShone Manuel

    Education, Humanities, Arts, and Undecided

  • Nic Scobey

    Nicholas Scobey

    Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental & Health Science

  • Meredith Segur

    Meredith Segur

    Engineering, Computer Science, Math, and Physics

  • Lauren Horras

    Lauren Horras

    Business, Accounting, and Economics

Have questions? Review the program FAQs or contact