Calvin LifeWork (CLW) is a co-curricular program that pulls together resources from across campus to prepare students in four key areas: Career-Readiness, Leadership, Personal Finance and Vocation.

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Program eligibility

Any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at Calvin University can access the Calvin LifeWork program through the same Moodle as their academic courses. There is no official enrollment required for Calvin LifeWork. The modules can be completed at any time and in any order.

Program logistics

  • 34 total online modules, with each module taking about 1 hour to complete, including the post-module follow-up activity
  • Students can complete modules any time, flexible to fit any student’s schedule, even if studying abroad
  • An internship or research fellowship is strongly recommended, and there are modules designed to teach students how to search for internships and how to perform effectively once they land a position
  • Career coaches are available to assist students, and coaches are assigned to work with specific majors

Meet your career coach

  • LaShone Manuel

    LaShone Manuel

    Education, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Languages

  • Meredith Segur

    Meredith Segur

    Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics

  • Ryan Lipsker

    Ryan Lipsker

    Business and Health Sciences

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