Calvin LifeWork (CLW) is a co-curricular program that pulls together resources from across campus to prepare students in four key areas: Career-Readiness, Leadership, Personal Finance and Vocation. Students who stick with the program earn a $3,000 scholarship their fourth year.

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Program enrollment

If you are a first-year student and indicated that you were interested in Calvin LifeWork during the admissions process (either yes or maybe), you’re automatically enrolled in the program. All you’ll need to do is accept the student agreement terms at by November 1 to activate your enrollment.

If you weren’t interested previously but are now, email us and we’ll enroll you.

Program logistics

  • Average of one module per month during the school year, 1-2 hours of time each month, including the post-module follow-up activity
  • All modules are offered online, and some are also offered in-person
  • In-person modules are offered multiple times per month at different times of day and every week
  • Students can complete modules any time during the month, flexible to fit any student’s schedule, even if studying abroad
  • Career coach assigned to each student based on the student’s major

Meet your CLW program coach

Wes Trammell
Wes Trammell
Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Meredith Segur
Meredith Segur
Business, Communication, and Arts
Brandon Jacob
Brandon Jacob
Biology, Chemistry, and Health Sciences
Audrey Waldron
Audrey Waldron
STEM (non-health) and undecided

Important upcoming dates

  • September 1 through November 1: activate your CLW enrollment by reviewing student agreement terms online at
  • October: this month includes three activities: upload your FYS paper to vocation module, record your jobZology results, and reflect on your jobZology results. Participate in an in-person (here’s the schedule of live workshops ) or online jobZology workshop
  • November 1: deadline for activating your CLW enrollment
Have questions? Review the program FAQs or contact