FAQ sections

General program questions

  • When did the Calvin LifeWork program begin?
    The program began in the fall of 2017, originally set up as a four-year program that students started in their first year. Beginning with the fall of 2022, all Calvin students can access Calvin LifeWork and have the freedom to utilize the program based on their own schedule and needs.
  • Is the program required in order to graduate from Calvin?
    No, this is an optional, co-curricular program and has no ties to graduation.
  • Is there a limit on the number of students who can participate or a cost to participate?
    There is not a limit to the number of students, and there is no extra cost to participating in this program.
  • How is this program different from career coaching?
    While several of the program's training modules are available on an ad hoc basis within the Career Center and through career coaching appointments, Calvin LifeWork is comprehensive and features additional training in leadership and personal finance.
  • How/when do I get in the program?
    You can choose to begin Calvin LifeWork as early as the fall semester of your first year, as late as your final semester, or anytime in between. All Calvin LifeWork modules are available online in Moodle, and you can complete modules at any time and in any order that is most beneficial to you.
  • What is PathwayU and what role does it play in Calvin LifeWork?
    Calvin’s Career Center uses PathwayU, an assessment developed by vocational psychologists, to help students explore career paths that will be satisfying based on an individual’s interests, values, personality and workplace preferences. The PathwayU module in Calvin LifeWork provides student with the opportunity to learn more about themselves, as well as career possibilities that fit their profile.
  • How does a student get an internship through Calvin LifeWork?
    Calvin LifeWork does not require students to complete an internship, although internships are strongly recommended as a way for students to test out career options and gain relevant experience. Students can find many internship postings on Handshake, and career coaches in the Career Center can also help students with their internship search.

Related to areas of study

Commitment of time


  • What is an example of a module and an assignment?
    An example of a module is “Resumes that Get Results,” which includes a series of short videos instructing students how to create an effective resume. The activity within that module is to create a resume and have it reviewed by a career coach, either virtually or in-person.
  • Is the program only online, or is there a personal aspect?
    Calvin LifeWork is primarily online, with the exception of some in-person activities offered on a limited basis (such as an Escape Room activity for the “Contributing to a Team’s Success” module).

Miscellaneous questions

Feel free to contact the Career Center if you have other questions or need more clarification.