Informational Teleforum

This teleforum was recorded March 12, 2019.
Length: ~30 minutes

FAQ sections

General program questions

  • When did the Calvin LifeWork program begin?
    The program began in the fall 2017 for first year, full-time students.
  • Is the program required in order to graduate from Calvin?
    No, this is an optional, co-curricular program and has no ties to graduation.
  • Is there a limit on the number of students who can participate or a cost to participate?
    There is not a limit to the number of students, and there is no extra cost to participating in this program.
  • How is this program different from career coaching?
    Calvin LifeWork is a prescribed program designed and packaged in yearly segments. While several of the program's training modules are available on an ad hoc basis within the Career Center, Calvin LifeWork is comprehensive and features additional training in leadership and personal finance.
  • How/when do I get in the program?
    You will be provided with multiple opportunities to enroll in the program before it officially kicks off early in the fall semester of your first year. While we auto-enroll incoming first year students, you'll need to confirm your interest in the program by accepting student agreement terms. You'll have the whole month of September to sign the agreement, and we'll remind you regularly.
  • What is PathwayU and what role does it play in Calvin LifeWork?
    Calvin’s Career Center uses PathwayU (formerly known as jobZology), a career-related assessment developed by vocational psychologists, to help students explore career paths that will be satisfying based on the student’s interests, values, personality and workplace preferences. The assessment links students to careers and job openings that fit their profile as well as predicted outlooks for each field. All students in Calvin LifeWork will complete PathwayU near the beginning of the program. This assessment can guide students as they select their major, make career plans and develop their sense of call.
  • How does a student get an internship through Calvin LifeWork?
    Students can find many internship postings on Handshake, and career coaches help students pursue internships that interest them all over the globe. Internships provide a great way for students to test out career options. As long as the student completes one internship or research project, typically by the summer after their junior year, this requirement of the program is satisfied.

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Commitment of time


Program eligibility

Miscellaneous questions

Feel free to contact the Career Center if you have other questions or need more clarification.