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Expand your abilities and broaden your horizons. Add additional subjects to your teaching certificate with Calvin's endorsement program.

Calvin offers teaching endorsements in a variety of content areas.

Courses completed may be used to renew the Standard Certificate, earn the Professional Certificate, or renew the Professional Certificate. Calvin graduates must complete at least six semester hours of the program at Calvin, and graduates of other institutions need to earn at least nine semester hours at Calvin.

The K-12 Reading Specialist and Administrator endorsements are MEd programs. It is also possible to combine any subject-area endorsement program with the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction. Visit the Graduate Studies website for information about master's degree programs.

Courses may be completed at other institutions if they are included in the Transfer Equivalency List (with grade of C+ or higher) or pre-approved by your Calvin advisor.

Master's and endorsement students are charged the graduate tuition rate. Students accepted to the program may be eligible for financial aid.

Questions related to teaching endorsements may be directed to Shari Brouwer.

Teachers may add endorsements to their teaching certificates by completing the following steps:


  • Course code:
  • Credits:
  • Semester:
  • Department: