Calvin's Master of Education is affordable and up-front. We want our program to empower you as a teacher and administrator, so we have worked to minimize the financial burden of getting an MEd, becoming one of the most affordable programs in west Michigan.

When you are comparing graduate programs, be sure to check all costs, such as library or lab fees, travel, or registration fees. There are no hidden costs to our program.

2019-2020 Academic Year2020-2021 Academic Year
Graduate Course Tuition: $527 per semester hour $549 per semester hour
Graduate Workshop Tuition: $390 per semester hour (unless otherwise specified) $390 per semester hour (unless otherwise specified)
No Additional Fees
The academic year is September–August

Overall Program Costs

  • Up to half of the program can be completed online, avoiding the need to travel to campus.
  • Up to three courses may be completed as a guest before committing to the program.
  • The cost to complete a Master in Education degree varies a little depending on the concentration you wish to specialize in. Our programs entail between 30 and 33 semester hours, including a two-hour workshop. The current tuition cost for the entire program is around $16,000.
  • Check with your school whether it is able to assist with the cost of tuition.


The Graduate Program offers four named scholarships in order to provide financial assistant to students who have been accepted into one of the degree seeking programs. Other scholarships are available through outside agencies. Information about the requirements and qualifications for each scholarship is available on the scholarship page.

Financial Aid

State or federal agencies may offer financial assistance for graduate education. For details on these funds, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid