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Calvin University’s graduate studies in education program provides plenty of high-quality options to take courses that fit into your life— take a course as a guest or a degree seeking student.

Our Program

We offer a Master of Education program with four possible concentrations.

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Provide curricular and pedagogical leadership in your school community, and integrate your faith and values into your educational practice and professional growth. Complete courses online with opportunities to deepen learning with in-person summer sessions.
  • Educational Leadership
  • Take your leadership beyond the classroom by deepening the knowledge and skills required for real institutional growth and change. Complete many of your courses online, but gather for in-depth learning opportunities during short summer sessions on our campus in Grand Rapids,MI.
  • Inclusion
  • Calvin University's M.Ed. degree with an inclusion concentration prepares educators to promote inclusion in schools and classrooms. By graduation, you will be able to create school-wide policies, programs, and practices that include all members of learning communities. The inclusion concentration is available fully online.
  • Literacy
  • Prepare to impart the gift of reading to diverse learners of all ages and backgrounds. Calvin University's M.Ed. degree with a literacy concentration helps instructors develop their skills in literacy research and curriculum development. By graduation, you will be prepared to support teachers and students confidently. The literacy concentration is available fully online.

Note: For international graduate students seeking to study on Calvin’s campus, it is important to craft a program with enough on-campus courses to meet visa requirements (8 credits per semester, at least 5 of which are on campus). Contact the program’s advisor to discuss your curricular plans.

Additional Programs

If you would like to speak to an advisor or seek additional information from what our website provides, please contact us. If you are ready to apply to one of our programs, then apply today!

Our Courses

Courses are taught by a team of professional educators with years of experience in the classroom. We make it easy to enroll with flexible scheduling, affordable prices, and no hidden fees. We also offer up to nine semester hours of graduate-level classes to guests who have not been formally accepted into one of the graduate programs.

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