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COVID Response

Living and learning at Calvin University

Mask Usage on Campus

Effective immediately, in compliance with CDC guidance and MDHHS public health orders, employees, students, and visitors who are fully vaccinated (two weeks past final shot) have the option of not wearing a mask indoors on our campus, including personal and public spaces. Anyone more comfortable wearing a mask on campus should feel free to do so. Anyone not fully vaccinated still needs to wear a mask indoors in public spaces until July 1 when Michigan's mask mandate expires. At that point masks will not be required indoors at Calvin.

Vaccines Not Required for 2021-22

For the 2021-22 school year, Calvin will strongly encourage but not require a COVID-19 vaccine. COVID vaccines will only be required for students who are travelling abroad for an off-campus program or part of an off-campus placement where the outside organization requires it. Any such students will receive a direct communication from the university with next steps. 
We are working out many other details with respect to guidelines from the CDC, local and state health departments, and the NCAA for unvaccinated people. This includes such things as mandatory screening tests, 
isolation and quarantine requirements, and more. 

Note that fully vaccinated people will not have to worry about most of these items, particularly screening tests. And though the university will not require the COVID-19 vaccine, we do strongly recommend that all Calvin students, faculty, and staff get the vaccine of their choice. We are encouraged that as of May 2021, over 60% of students enrolled in the spring of 2021 had received at least one shot, and over 75% of our staff were vaccinated.  

If you or someone you know is hesitant about the vaccine and would benefit from some solid, Christian thinking about it, we recommend these two sites:

Events and Space Reservations on Campus

The Safe Return form that we had been using for events on campus and approval of such events has been retired. All event planners should use Calvin's Event Services department for space reservations and other event questions. Note that room and venue capacities will remain at 50% until July 1, after which they will return to pre-COVID. In addition, dining halls are being reset to 50% capacity, and this restriction is also set to expire on July 1. And office spaces are also at 50% until July 1 (please contact with any questions about office space).

Other Resources

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has lots of information, and all of our COVID-related communications going back to January 2020 might also be of interest, including our recent responses to state and CDC orders.

Stay safe—stay #CalvinStrong.

What you need to know

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Your personal protective gear

Find what tools you’ll need to stay safe and how to access them.

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Your daily health checkup

Consider these simple questions daily to monitor your health and report any changes.

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COVID-19 Dashboard

Active and cumulative cases reported to Calvin since August 1, 2020.


Leading the way

Safe Return Team

Our Safe Return Team has actively planned for multiple scenarios to promote your wellness and support your learning on campus. As a university community of our size—in which we know students by name—we are able to provide a flexible and agile response to changes in the local and global health climate, as they develop.

Health Services

Calvin’s Health Services team continues to lead the way for safe and healthy campuses around the country. For eight years running, The Princeton Review ranks our team among the top 20 higher education health services in the nation. Led by a medical doctor who has decades of experience and connections in Grand Rapids, our health services professionals are ready to serve you.


Through our groundbreaking partnership with Helix Diagnostics, every Calvin faculty member, staff member, and student receives an initial screening test for COVID-19 upon arriving to campus. This allows Calvin to quickly identify those who may need to be quarantined or isolated for their own safety and the safety of others.

Calvin’s president, Michael Le Roy, serves as board chair for the organization of Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities (MICU). He led the team that created MICU’s Playbook for COVID-19 Response & Reopening, a guide of best practices for campus health and safety during this season.


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Important health reminders

Maintain physical distancing

Please keep a minimum of 6 feet between you and your neighbor.

Wear your mask properly

Cover your mouth and nose, and avoid touching your face and mask.

Wash your hands

Use soap and water to wash your hands for 20 seconds or more.

Stay at home if sick

Monitor for any potential symptoms daily, for you and for other members of your household.


Keep the spaces you use clean upon entering and exiting.

Coughing and sneezing

Cough or sneeze into an elbow or tissue instead of your hands.


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