Calvin COVID Guidelines

Welcome to the spring semester of 2023 at Calvin! We’re eager to continue this academic year in a safe and healthy way, as we continue to live with the reality of COVID-19 in our world and in our communities. With the appropriate level of personal vigilance, we’re confident we will continue having vibrant experiences of learning and living—together!

Calvin COVID Guidelines—Spring 2023

Consistent with many other colleges and universities, Calvin has removed most of the Covid mitigation requirements of the past two years but continues to offer resources and assistance to those affected by illness during the academic year. We continue to monitor the guidance suggested by the CDC and our local health department, while also placing personal responsibility on our community members for monitoring their health, noticing symptoms, utilizing testing, and isolating when sick. By doing these things, we help support members of our community who are more vulnerable to significant illness, and we support our medical community in the Grand Rapids area.

What should I do if...

  • I test positive for COVID
    • Notify
      Students should email Kari Dykhouse and employees should notify They will help you determine your timeline for returning to campus and connect you with resources to aid in your recovery.
    • Isolate
      Students and employees should isolate for 5 full days (returning on the morning of the 6th day) and stay home from class and work. Students living on campus have the option of returning home or staying in our isolation housing free of charge.
    • Mask
      Masking is recommended for days 6–10 of the isolation period.
  • I am experiencing symptoms
    • Stay home
      If you’re experiencing any symptoms, stay home from classes and work and let your professors and/or supervisor know that you won’t be in until you are feeling better.
    • Test
      If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or you suspect you might have COVID, consider taking an at home test. Testing before 24 hours after symptom onset might be too early to detect COVID.
      • At-home tests are available for $9.99 at the bookstore from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. M–F. (Consider picking one up if you’re heading into the weekend.)
      • Off-campus PCR tests are available at local pharmacies and health clinics:
      • For Health Services, you can either fill out the form or call Health Services (616-526-6187, option #2), to speak with a triage nurse. Insurance is billed for testing in Health Services.
    • Notify
      Students should email Kari Dykhouse if they test positive for COVID. Employees should email
    • Return
      If you begin to feel better, didn’t test positive, and weren’t a close contact, feel free to return to class or work as you feel comfortable.
    • Mask
      Consider masking when you are in an indoor public space on campus (especially classes) even if you test negative but are still experiencing cold-like symptoms.
  • I have been in close contact with a positive case
    • Symptoms
      See “I am experiencing symptoms” (above).
    • No symptoms
      • Remain
        You are free to remain on campus if you have no symptoms.
      • Mask
        Consider masking when you are in an indoor public space on campus for 10 days after your last close contact.
      • Monitor
        Watch for symptoms especially in the first ten days after your exposure. If you develop symptoms in this time frame, see SYMPTOMS above.
      • Self-quarantine
        You are not required to quarantine but if you live in the same household as the person who tested positive, you should isolate from that person as much as possible. Wear a quality mask if you need to share a common space and try to use separate bathrooms, if possible.
      • Test
        Consider testing 5 days after your exposure. This is optional. Testing options are below.
  • I need a COVID test

I have a question about...

  • Vaccines or boosters
    • Requirements
      There are no current requirements for COVID vaccines at Calvin. Calvin community members are strongly encouraged to be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters—both are available at Calvin Health Services.
    • Accessibility
      Contact Health Services to schedule a Covid vaccine or booster.
  • Masks
    • Requirements
      Wearing a mask is not required anywhere on campus, except when at Calvin Health Services or when isolating or quarantining. 
    • Classrooms
      In some classroom settings or in response to any localized cases, you may be encouraged to wear a mask for the benefit of others, so having some masks on hand is good idea.
    • Availability
      If you’re more comfortable wearing a mask, you are encouraged to do so. If you need help obtaining a quality mask, email Jennifer Ambrose.
  • General COVID protocol
  • Past Covid communications archives


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