You are invited to combine learning about minerals and current displays (below and on social media) with coming into the Dice Museum to see the displays in person.  

The Visitor Map (pdf) identifies the titles of current exhibits and their locations in the Dice Museum. One display is located outside of the Dice Museum in the Covenant Fine Arts Center (near the entrance to the Art Gallery).

Information Sheets for Current Displays

  • Case 2: Memories of Bruce Dice (pdf)
  • Case 4: Blue Minerals (pdf)
  • Case 6: Green Minerals (pdf)
  • Case 12: Michigan Minerals (new display as of 9/24/2022) (pdf)
  • Case 14: Fluorescent Minerals (pdf)
  • Case 15: Meteorites (pdf)
  • Case 19: Minerals of the Bible (pdf)
    • Minerals of the Breastplate: Exodus 28 (pdf)

Mineral of the Week

This week's mineral spotlight is barite (pdf). The piece on display can be seen in Case 3.
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We feature a "Mineral of the Week" when the Dice Mineralogical Museum has open hours. Visitors can collect the sticker featuring the mineral, along with seeing the mineral on display and learning about it.

The Mineral of the Week feature began as Instagram posts. Starting in summer 2022, each Mineral of the Week has a sticker. If you collect 10 stickers into a Mineral Passport booklet (available in the Museum), you can get a small gift bag when you show the completed passport booklet to the Dice Museum Docent at the desk.

Previous Mineral Spotlights (alphabetical order)
Stickers are available for the minerals indicated by "sticker". If you tell the Docent at the desk that you read about a previous mineral of the week online, the Docent can get you a sticker from the Museum's sticker archives (as long as supplies last).

  • Amethyst (pdf; sticker)
  • Atacamite (pdf; sticker)
  • Apophyllite on stilbite (pdf)
  • Aragonite (pdf; sticker)
  • Astrophyllite (pdf; sticker)
  • Aurichalcite (pdf; sticker)
  • Azurite (pdf)
  • Barite (pdf)
  • Beryl var. Aquamarine (pdf; sticker)
  • Blue Lace Agate (pdf)
  • Bornite (pdf; sticker)
  • Calcite (pdf)
  • Cavansite (pdf; sticker)
  • Celestite (pdf; sticker)
  • Cinnabar (pdf; sticker)
  • Conichalcite (pdf); sticker)
  • Copper (pdf; sticker)
  • Corundum Var. ruby (pdf; sticker)
  • Crocoite (pdf; sticker)
  • Danburite (pdf; sticker)
  • Datolite (pdf; sticker)
  • Dioptase (pdf; sticker)
  • Emerald (pdf; sticker)
  • Epidote (pdf)
  • Fluorite (pdf; sticker)
  • Garnet (pdf; sticker)
  • Goethite (pdf)
  • Gold (pdf)
  • Gypsum (pdf; sticker)
  • Halite (pdf; sticker)
  • Heliodor (pdf; sticker)
  • Hemimorphite (pdf, sticker)
  • Kyanite (pdf; sticker)
  • Labradorite (pdf)
  • Langite (pdf; sticker)
  • Lepidolite (pdf; sticker)
  • Malachite (pdf; sticker) 
  • Malachite on Chrysocolla (pdf, sticker)
  • Mica var. Fuchsite (pdf; sticker)
  • Mimetite (pdf; sticker)
  • Morganite (pdf; sticker)
  • Okenite (pdf; sticker)
  • Olivine (pdf; sticker)
  • Opal (pdf; sticker)
  • Orpiment (pdf; sticker)
  • Pectolite (pdf; sticker)
  • Pyrite (pdf; sticker)
  • Rhodochrosite (pdf)
  • Rutilated quartz (pdf; sticker)
  • Rutile (pdf; sticker)
  • Schist (pdf)
  • Selenite (pdf; sticker)
  • Shattuckite (pdf; sticker)
  • Skutterudite (pdf; sticker)
  • Silver (pdf; sticker)
  • Smithsonite (pdf; sticker)
  • Sodalite (pdf; sticker)
  • Specular Hematite (pdf; sticker)
  • Spinel (pdf;sticker)
  • Stibnite (pdf; sticker)
  • Talc (pdf; sticker)
  • Topaz (pdf; sticker)
  • Tourmaline (pdf)
  • Uvarovite (pdf; sticker)
  • Vanadinite (pdf; sticker)
  • Vivianite (pdf; sticker)
  • Willemite (pdf; sticker)
  • Wulfenite (pdf; sticker)
  • Zincite (pdf; sticker)

Information for the Mineral Spotlights comes from:

GEO 215: Mineralogy lectures

Mindat.orgThe world’s largest online mineral database.

*“Rock and Gem: The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils” by Bonewitz, R. and the Smithsonian Institute, New York, NY: Dorling Kindersle. 2008.

*”Simon and Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals” — edited by Martin Prinz, George Harlow, and Joseph Peters. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1978.

*Available for reference in the Dice Museum

Online Collection

Visit our online collection for photos and descriptions of some of the mineral specimens in the Dice Mineralogical Museum.