Dive deep into the greatest and most enduring problems of human existence, drawing from the wells of wisdom and experience in the Christian tradition.

Philosophy literally means “the love of wisdom.” At Calvin, we practice this love in the context of Christian faith, whether you are a philosophy major or want to add skills in critical thinking and careful examination to another discipline. Join the discussion and challenge your understanding of being and knowing, culture and technology, meaning and beauty, ethics and business, and the very nature of God.

The world-class philosophy education you’ll get at Calvin is built on a tradition of excellence. Calvin University consistently produces and attracts some of the most influential minds in the discipline.

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Quick Facts
  • 4

    Presidents of the American Philosophical Association were either alums or teachers in Calvin’s philosophy department.

  • 100%

    of 2016 philosophy graduates were employed or in grad school one year after graduation.

  • >50%

    of philosophy majors are double majors.

Featured book

Glittering Vices, 2nd Edition: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies

Drawing on centuries of wisdom from the Christian ethical tradition, Glittering Vices explores why our hearts are captivated by glittery but false substitutes for true human goodness and happiness. This edition has been updated and revised throughout and includes a new chapter on grace and growth through the spiritual disciplines.

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