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Degree Overview

When you understand the tiniest components of our natural world, you can make big changes. Chemistry influences the medicine we invent, the laws we write, and the spaces we create—and Christians are needed in these spaces to solve problems and spur innovation.

Exciting Courses

Early courses in our major expose you to all types of chemistry and give you a strong foundation in chemical thinking and problem-solving. Our advanced courses help you see how different kinds of chemistry are connected and can be used to solve real-world problems. You can take classes like:

The Quantum World - This course opens the door to the mysteries of quantum phenomena. An understanding of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics is valuable for every chemistry and biochemistry student. Students will cultivate an understanding of quantum chemistry, equipping them to unravel the intricacies of chemical bonding and molecular spectroscopy.
Life Cycle of an Electric Car - Industrial chemistry shapes our lives and impacts the environment in many substantial ways. Along with the amazing advances that result from materials technology, many processes negatively impact the environment. This course will address selections from different areas of chemistry that impact our climate, our habitat, and our own lives.
Forensics and Toxicology - Chemistry and chemical techniques play a pivotal role in the disciplines of forensic science and toxicology. In this course, students will learn how to apply presumptive and confirmatory tests for specific applications in forensic science. Students will then explore the chemistry of poisons at the trace element and molecular level, and the chemical and biochemical mechanisms of toxicity.

Program Distinctives

A meaningful accomplishment - Calvin’s chemistry program is challenging, in a good way. You are supported and encouraged every step of the way. You also gain skills that empower you to communicate, lead, and adapt in whatever direction you choose to go.
A versatile program - Chemistry majors can take part in Calvin’s many art, music, sports, and study-abroad opportunities and still graduate in four years.
A pathway to many careers - Our chemistry program is recognized nationally for its excellence. Graduates get into top-rated medical schools and graduate schools. Local companies are excited to hire our graduates. The alumni on our advisory board are excited to talk to our students about challenging and satisfying careers in industry.

Degree Information

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  • ACS Certification

    Adding American Chemical Society certification to your degree gives you additional research experience, and sets you up well for graduate studies. To learn how to add an ACS certification to a chemistry major, please contact the chemistry and biochemistry department or consult with a faculty advisor.


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