Explore the world.

Learn how to cross boundaries in a world that is at your fingertips every day.

The global studies minor is designed to integrate an international perspective into your education, regardless of the discipline. You'll deepen your cultural intelligence and broaden your ability to engage across cultural lines, both at home and abroad.

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Cultural access is the key that can make all the difference—in studying other societies, in reaching new markets, in realizing your dreams. Global studies will provide you with the language skills and the global context you need to go deeper in your cultural understanding.

The global studies minor includes courses with a strong global context and real-world international experiences. Professors will take your curiosity and turn it into possibilities with language skills, literature from your chosen destination and recent studies in what's happening in the world right now.

So why make global studies your minor?

  • It promotes communication competence.
  • It enables you to inquire into other societies and cultures.
  • It develops skills for navigating within those cultures.
  • It prepares you for participation in a global marketplace.
  • It avails opportunities to see God's world in all its variety and diversity.
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