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Pre-Law at Calvin is a robust co-curricular program providing resources that will help you to determine whether law is the right path for you, introduce you to a wide variety of law-related careers and legal practice areas, and equip you for law school and a fulfilling career in the legal profession. Pursuing a specialization in Pre-Law in conjunction with your disciplinary major, you will work with the Pre-Law Advisor to help you select courses to develop essential, law-related knowledge and skill, and you will have opportunity to participate in alumni legal professional seminars, panel discussions, internships, and job shadowing experiences.

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Wait, so Calvin's pre-law program isn't a major?

Calvin's pre-law program works differently than a major or minor program. Pre-law at Calvin is not a major; it's a specialization that you choose to pursue in conjunction with a major in another field. There are no required pre-law courses; instead, students select a major field of study in an area of interest to them as they prepare to attend law school after earning their four-year degree. The courses and experiences that comprise the pre-law specialization emphasize analytic and problem-solving skills, oral communication, political theory, history, ethics and justice.

Law schools accept undergraduate degrees in a wide variety fields and interests, with specific training in the field of law taking place in law school rather than college or university. Law school graduates become eligible to practice law by satisfying the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction(s) in which they intend to practice. See our Academics page for advice about selecting a major that fits your interest in law.

So if I can't major in pre-law, what majors work well?

Law schools accept undergraduate degrees in a wide variety fields and interests, with specific training in the field of law taking place in law school rather than college or university. For this reason, there is no specific major that you must or should take in college to secure a successful career in law.

At Calvin, many students in the pre-law program study political science, international relations, business, accounting, sociology, or social work. However, many students select other areas of study, from French to engineering. For more about pre-law student majors and minors, see our About Us page.

I heard that all law students need to take the LSAT. Is this true?

Everyone applying to a law school in the United States or Canada must take the LSAT; during the 2019-2020 testing year, the test will be administered nine times. The schedule is published by the Law School Admission Council. Generally, students are advised to take the LSAT in February or June, a full year before they plan to attend law school. You would then receive your score in the spring, allowing you to make decisions about whether to apply and where.

You may take the LSAT more than once and most schools now take the highest score. However, some law schools average multiple scores or take the lower of the scores.

How well do Calvin graduates do on the LSAT?

As part of their education at Calvin, pre-law students are enrolled in courses that give them the foundation to take the Law School Admission Test. Historically, Calvin students do well on the test, with the average score of recently graduated seniors reported in the 70th percentile at a score of 156.9 points.

Where do Calvin students go to law school?

Calvin students have gone on to a variety of places to study different legal specialities. A few of the top law schools include Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern. For a more complete list of law schools where Calvin graduates have been accepted, visit Law School & Beyond.


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