Where curiosity leads to deeper learning

For almost 40 years, Calvin College has challenged its best students with an honors program. Today, the program nurtures outstanding students who are superbly equipped for leadership in service to God, their communities and the world.

The Calvin Honors Program invites you to consider how your future can be shaped by learning that takes your curiosity and turns it into something bigger. Like a better drug to treat Hepatitis C, a business plan to open a commercial rental kitchen in Grand Rapids or a study on the effects of spelling reform on language acquisition. Consider how your future can be shaped by the opportunities you'll have as an honors student at Calvin. 

Program benefits

  • Work closely with professors to explore research topics that fascinate you.
  • Take courses designed to help you examine history, biology, English, math and nearly all of Calvin's majors more deeply.
  • Join a community of highly-motivated students who enjoy learning as much as you do.
  • Prepare for your future by receiving support from Calvin's experienced faculty.