The Honors Scholars Program nurtures a sense of excellence, curiosity, and exploration across disciplinary boundaries within a committed community of student and faculty scholars.

Address compelling questions and be challenged to take risks, supported by a community marked by intellectual humility, curiosity, and wonder.

In your first and second year in the Honors Scholars program, you will explore connections between subject areas in interdisciplinary team-taught courses that fulfill half of Calvin's core (general education) requirements. In these classes you and your classmates will be asked to think about:

  • How disciplines like History and Literature might approach questions of justice and civic identity
  • How Literature and Theology might help us interrogate what it means to be human and what it means to be loved and called by God
  • How Art History and the Natural Sciences might push us to see the world more fully
  • How the Natural Sciences and Philosophy might lead us to think more carefully about evidence, ethics, and claims

In your third and fourth year, you will participate in theme-based upper-level interdisciplinary Honors Colloquium courses and develop the skills of a scholar in your specific discipline while completing an Honors thesis or creative project alongside a faculty mentor.

As an Honors Scholar, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn within a committed community of faculty and student scholars
  • Take Honors Core classes, taught by two faculty, that cross disciplinary boundaries and fulfill Core requirements
  • Use cities as textbooks during two “learning in place” Interims (one local and one off-campus)
  • Participate in upper-level interdisciplinary Honors colloquium courses with other academically-talented students to augment your major coursework
  • Conduct research in your discipline(s) with a faculty mentor during the preparation of an Honors Thesis or Project
  • Receive Honors advising (in addition to major advising) to maximize your academic opportunities
  • Apply for student research stipends and research-related travel funds through the Calvin Student Research Fellows program
  • Receive advice and support during the preparation of competitive national scholarship applications (e.g. Fulbright, Goldwater, etc.)
  • Take a free 18th credit hour
  • Earn graduation “with Honors” recognition at graduation and on your official transcript upon successful completion of the Honors Scholars Program requirements

Note: Applications for 2021–2022 are closed.

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