Congratulations to Calvin's 2020 Legacy Honors and Collegiate Scholars Graduates! To meet this year's graduates and see their thesis projects, click here!

Letter from President Le Roy

Congratulations, Legacy Honors students and Collegiate Scholars! You have inspired the Calvin University community, and you leave this place with inspiration for the broader world.

During your time at Calvin, you have demonstrated your deep commitment to academic pursuits. You have developed the skills of a scholar while working alongside faculty on projects, and you have made lasting contributions to your fields of study. You have pursued many areas of interest, gaining deep knowledge on specific topics, and exploring the endless connections between disciplines. Thank you for your considerable contributions to the academy, with the hope of more to come.

Throughout your rigorous coursework, you have also remained active community members, whether through campus leadership roles, engaging in service-learning, or balancing other work with your studies. Thank you for your many contributions to our campus and community. I know you will carry this spirit of engagement forward, wherever you call home next.

As you walk boldly into the world, your crucial work continues as Christ’s agents of renewal. God goes with you and before you, allowing your hands to shape culture, advance science, cultivate the arts, and form meaningful relationships for his glory and purpose.

Honors graduates, you were once high school seniors, from all corners of the globe, longing to stretch your hearts and minds here at Calvin. Now you have completed your undergraduate study as university seniors, poised for action around the globe, and ready once again to expand your learning and experiences to meet the challenges ahead.

Equipped with wisdom and knowledge, supported by a community bound together in Christ, and girded by prayer, you are ready.

Graduates, may you take your inspiration to a world in need—a world hungry for Christ’s renewal.

Michael K. Le Roy

Letter from the Honors Program Directors

Dear Legacy Honors Program and Collegiate Scholars Program graduates,

We are proud of your many accomplishments and grateful for the ways that you have contributed to the Honors community, the broader Calvin community, your discipline, and beyond. Together, you represent more than 25 majors and have participated in a fascinating array of scholarly endeavors ranging from an examination of the dialectics that animate dialogue to a computer-driven analysis of host-guest molecule interactions. You have been active members and leaders in numerous Calvin organizations, music ensembles, and athletic teams. And you have used your gifts to serve the local (and global) community.

It has been a delight to have you in our program. You have made a lasting impact during your time at Calvin and we are eager to see the ways that God will used the skills, insights, and passions that you have cultivated at Calvin in the years ahead.

Congratulations Legacy Honors and Collegiate Scholars graduates!

Amy Wilstermann and Craig Hanson