For almost 40 years, Calvin University has challenged inquistive and creative students with an honors program. In fall 2019, we launched the Honors Scholars and Collegiate Scholars programs to nurture outstanding students. Both programs are built around academic excellence and challenge students to embrace advanced academic options, but take distinct approaches to the academic experience.

The Honors Scholars Program

Are you a deeply curious student that desires to engage big questions within a community of equally curious students and faculty scholars? Does the exploration of the spaces where the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences meet animate you? Are you intrigued by the thought of using a city as a textbook? Do you desire to develop your skills as a scholar while conducting research or generating a creative project alongside a faculty mentor? If so, you may be an excellent candidate for the Honors Scholars Program.

The Collegiate Scholars Program

Are you a motivated student that is looking for opportunities to grow as a scholar and engaged citizen? Does the thought of learning off-campus, conducting research with a faculty-mentor in your discipline, developing your capacity as a leader and engaged community member, and examining challenging topics with students from other disciplines excite you? If so, consider applying to the Collegiate Scholars Program.

Visit us

Are you planning a visit to Calvin? Ask your admissions counselor to schedule a meeting with an Honors and Collegiate Scholars Program representative during your visit.