Collegiate Scholars are motivated to excel academically and serve and lead in the larger community.

As a Collegiate Scholar you will complete four advanced academic or co-curricular activities. These activities could include participation in a musical ensemble or the Calvin Theatre Company, earning a second major, or studying abroad for a semester. Collegiate Scholars take upper-level Honors colloquia courses, designed to offer interdisciplinary engagement with big questions. The Collegiate Scholars track aims to inspire academic excellence while anchoring those achievements within the larger collegiate community.

As a Collegiate Scholar, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in upper-level interdisciplinary Honors Colloquium courses with other academically talented students to augment your major coursework
  • Receive Collegiate Scholars advising (in addition to major advising) to maximize your academic opportunities
  • Apply for student research stipends and research-related travel funds through the Calvin Student Research Fellows program
  • Receive advice and support during the preparation of competitive national scholarship applications (e.g. Fulbright, Goldwater)
  • Graduate “with distinction” at Commencement upon successful completion of the Collegiate Scholars Program requirements (listed below). Your official transcript will indicate this achievement

Graduation requirements

  • Final cumulative GPA: 3.65 or higher
  • Completion of four credits of HNRS 280 or 380 (Honors Colloquium)
  • Documented participation in four advanced academic or community engagement activities, such as: (NOTE: each category may be used no more than twice)
    • Completion of an additional four credits of HNRS 280 (formerly HNRS 380)
    • Completion of a minor or second major
    • Completion of at least six credits, in a single discipline, beyond what is required in the major or core curriculum (e.g. advanced language study, additional 300-level courses within major)
    • Participation in a music ensemble or theater production (full season commitment required)
    • Participation in varsity athletics (full season commitment)
    • Participation in undergraduate research or internship (summer or full academic year)
    • Participation in student governance as a student senator (full year commitment)
    • Completion of a study abroad program (full semester requirement)
    • Leadership position in a student organization (full year commitment)
    • Participation in a service-learning activity (full year commitment)
    • Participation in other activity approved by Honors Advisory Council

Next steps

If the Collegiate Scholars Program sounds like a good fit for your academic goals, and you've read the program requirements above, apply here. to find out more!