Teaching Opportunities in the Scholars Program

Team-teach an Honors Core course

We are currently seeking proposals for HNRS 250: Learning in Place/Off-Campus (Interim or May Term 2021)

HNRS 250 is the second of two interim courses within the Honors Scholars core curriculum. This team-taught, off-campus, interdisciplinary interim aims to tie together some of the main themes encountered in prior Honors core courses, contextualizing them within a specific place. Grounded in an experiential model of learning, HNRS 250 emphasizes learning through direct interaction with people, objects, and environments. The course also asks students to consider travel itself as a form of education with its own significant history and moral imperatives.

Applications to teach an Honors Scholars Core course (including HNRS 250) can be found in the box at the right.

Teach an Honors Colloquium (HNRS 380)

We are currently seeking proposals for HNRS 380 courses to be taught:

  • on the main campus (Fall 2020, Interim 2021, or Spring 2021)
  • on the Handlon campus (Summer 2020)

HNRS 380 courses provide opportunities for advanced exploration of a topic, practice, or theme that is interdisciplinary in nature. Students from various disciplines engage ideas employing knowledge, methodologies, and insights from diverse areas of study. This course fulfills an upper-level interdisciplinary course requirement for Honors and Collegiate Scholars (and may fulfill major or minor requirements). Students that are not participating in the honors program may register for the course with instructor permission.

Examples of HNRS 380 course topics include:

  • Ruins: The Aesthetics of Decay
  • Rare Diseases: Communicating Science and Stories
  • Environmental Literature
  • Water Policy in the American West
  • Gerontology: Aging in Prison

HNRS 380 course proposals can be found in the box at the right.

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