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We study the past to understand humanity's place in the world, to remember those who came before us, and to help us live more wisely in our own time. Get your hands dirty leafing through manuscripts, handling treasures unearthed from ancient cities, and studying abroad, exploring the great sites of London or Budapest.

You’ll be well-equipped for a wide range of careers as employers increasingly seek out majors in the humanities for their creative thinking and critical insight. Visit our department blog, Historical Horizons, to join us in discussions about the field of history, contemporary issues, our ongoing research and more.

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American Roots

by James Bratt

"Diversity" is not a new, foreign element in American life. It goes back to the earliest roots of the nation, when five distinct regions emerged along the Atlantic shore in the 17th century. This book explains how and why that happened, and with what consequences.

Each region was marked by a different geography and economy, a different mix of people and different sets of social expectations. Religion and politics varied sharply from one area to another. In each case the blend of ingredients also bore lines of tension that built up to a point of crisis: the Salem witch-craze in New England, for instance, or the Stono Rebellion of enslaved Africans in the Lower South. Out of these crises came reforms that set the five regions on their course to converge, eventually, in a new nation. But many of the old differences came along, making the young United States a rambunctious, often uneasy place, filled with quarrels and culture wars. That is, the United States today shows some remarkable similarities to times far away and forgotten. This book brings those times back to life in the hope that clearer memories might help us live better today.

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