Biotechnology is a field that is seeing tremendous job growth as healthcare, industrial, and agricultural sectors seek innovative solutions to meet consumer demands. As a biotechnologist, you will manipulate genes and cells to design products and methods that are useful and beneficial. Consider this interdisciplinary minor as a complement to other science-related majors to prepare for careers in this growing field. In this program, you will take courses in chemistry, biology, and computer science to gain the technical expertise and critical thinking skills needed to use biotechnology well. You will gain hands-on experience with DNA analyses, cell culture, bioinformatics, gene cloning, and making transgenic organisms.

Course Requirements


Program advisor

Learn more pursuing the integrative biotechnology minor with program advisor Professor David Koetje

What you can do with a biotechnology minor

You will be well-prepared to do work in many fields, including:

  • chemical engineering
  • bioinformatics
  • medical research and diagnostics
  • regenerative medicine
  • genetic counseling
  • pharmaceutical research
  • forensic science
  • agriculture and aquaculture
  • bioremediation
  • patent law
  • bioethics
  • scientific writing

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