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Degree Overview

Learning in real life. At Calvin, that's how we approach every aspect of a secondary education major.

You will start with a strong foundation in educational theory. Then, in no time, you can enter classrooms of all kinds—large, small, urban, rural, private, public. This real-world experience will prepare you to be a confident, creative educator who engages your students wholeheartedly.

And just like your students will have unique needs, your professors will help you explore and create a course plan that fits your specific gifts and goals. They will help you lean into your passion so you can inspire the next generation to do the same.

Program Distinctives

Do what matters to you - Calvin offers in-classroom experiences that match your educational goals and reflect the kind of teaching you want to do.
Feel known by your professors - Our professors are committed to caring and supporting you every step of the way.
Become a master in your field - At Calvin, you can find everything you need to become an effective teacher. Study your favorite subject from a liberal arts perspective that draws knowledge and understanding from every corner of God’s creation.

Degree Information

  • Overview

    Secondary candidates choose one of the following major/minor options:

    • Certifiable major (a minor is recommended in addition, but not required)
    • Non-certifiable religion major with a certifiable minor
    • Non-certifiable major with a certifiable minor (this option requires permission from the Dean of Education)

    Any candidate not completing a certifiable major will complete student teaching and the 359 seminar course in the certifiable secondary minor subject.

    Consider the following high-need teaching fields when choosing your major and minor: TESOL, mathematics, integrated science, and Spanish.

    Secondary Education Majors

    Secondary Education Minors

    Recommended Non-Certifiable Minors

  • Courses
  • Other Details

    Consult the timeline for detailed program requirements.

    Double Major Guidelines

    Secondary education candidates may choose to complete two majors. Candidates should discuss the guidelines below with the advisors for both major subjects:

    1. Secondary candidates completing two majors may choose one subject to teach during the internship.  Candidates should discuss possible employment implications with advisors while making this decision.
    2. If possible, EDUC 302-303 classroom aiding should be done in the major which is not preferred for the internship because candidates must complete a minimum of 30 hours in K-12 classrooms for the non-student teaching major at some point during the program.
    3. The seminar course will be completed in the subject that is taught during the internship.
    4. The other seminar course will be waived. Candidates may audit the waived seminar course if they wish, but taking two seminars for credit during the same semester is not recommended.
    5. It may be possible for the intern to arrange some observation, aiding, and teaching in the non-selected major during the internship semester.  Both major advisors should be consulted prior to making these arrangements.
    6. If the waiving of a seminar course leads to fewer than 30 semester hours in the major subject, the candidate must choose an advisor-approved course to reach 30 semester hours. If the candidate prefers not to complete 30 semester hours, the program must be changed to a minor.
    7. If one of the majors is K-12, the internship should be in the K-12 subject.
    8. If the candidate has one K-12 major and one 6-12 major, but prefers the 6-12 major for the internship, the candidate may appeal to student teach in the 6-12 major and must present evidence of field experiences at both the elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) levels in the K-12 major subject.
    9. If both majors are K-12, the candidate must present evidence of field experiences at both the elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) levels in the major which is not selected for the internship.

    Contact Shari Brouwer if you have questions about the process for selecting EDUC 302-303 aiding and internship placements.

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