In our complex world, important issues often transcend the boundaries of academic disciplines. The Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Program (PPE) at Calvin University is designed to equip the socially conscious and intellectually curious student to pursue responses to real world challenges with a robust complement of philosophical and social science tools and approaches.

The Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) program is an interdisciplinary major designed to bring philosophical insights to bear on empirical social science research. Students learn to employ the methods of social science to measure philosophical claims about foundational concepts such as equality and justice.

In the PPE program, students build competencies in both the social sciences and humanities; consequently up to 19 of the 51–56 semester hours satisfy Core requirements, including:

  • Mathematics - MATH 170, MATH 171
  • Persons in Community - POLS 110
  • Global and Historical Studies - POLS 207, POLS 214
  • Philosophical Foundations - PHIL 153
  • Societal Structures in North America - ECON 221, POLS 101, POLS 212, POLS 237
  • Integrative Studies - PHIL 201, IDIS 39x

For more information, please contact the PPE Program Director.

Course Requirements


Micah Watson

Micah Watson

Associate Professor, PPE Program Director, Executive Director -- Paul Henry Institute Honors Liaison, Pi Sigma Alpha Advisor
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