Jason E. VanHorn

Jason VanHorn


PhD - The Ohio State University (Geography)
MS - Texas A&M University (Geography)
BA - Indiana University (Double-major in Geography and Political Science)


Originally from Indiana, Dr. VanHorn grew up with a fascination for maps. At an early age he became interested in cartography from the various road atlases and National Geographic Magazine thematic maps that he came across.

Professional experience

Professor VanHorn joined the GEO department at Calvin College in 2007 and has been recognized for his contributions to the field of geography through publication, research with undergraduate students, and international speaking engagements. His consulting work continues to grow to include work both domestically in the United States as well as abroad.

Academic interests

  • geographic thought and philosophy
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • cartography
  • remote sensing
  • geography of terrorism

Research and scholarship


  1. VanHorn, JE and NA Mosurinjohn. A Needs-Based Approach to Accessibility and Location Efficiency of Congregational Social Programs, in The Changing World Religion Map: Sacred Places, Identities, Practices and Politics, Stanley Brunn (Ed), Springer 2015.
  1. Abigail Belford,Seth D. Kenbeek,Jason VanHorn, and Deanna van Dijk. Using Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis to Understand Changes to Lake Michigan Dunes. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 508-512.
  1. VanHorn, JE and NA Mosurinjohn. Urban 3D GIS Modeling of Terrorism Sniper Hazards. Social Science Computer Review, November 2010 (28): 482-496.
  1. Wheeler, DW, VanHorn, JE and E Paskett. A Comparison of Design-Based and Model Based Analysis of Sample Surveys in Geography. The Professional Geographer, 60 (4): 466-477.

2017 VanHorn JE and C Strikwerda in Amid the Ruins: The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1924 by Douglas Howard. Cambridge University Press. Ten maps.

2016 Reynolds, C, Scheeres, A. and JE VanHorn. The Plaster Creek Mapping System. An online application in journal map form. http://gis.calvin.edu/plastercreek.

2015 VanHorn JE and D van Dijk. Understanding Michigan Dunes. An online application in the journal map form. http://gis.calvin.edu/dunes.  

2014 VanHorn JE. Understanding Your Geography. An online application of demographics to learn about your neighborhood in the United States. http://goo.gl/N3nDMR.

2014 VanHorn JE, van Dijk D, Burkley K, Hilbrands B, Hughey A. Michigan Dunes Inventory GIS. An online application of the Michigan Dunes. http://gis.calvin.edu/MDI.

2013 VanHorn, JE, Liu, C and WH SooHoo. Plaster Creek Watershed GIS. An online application for analysis and visualization of Plaster Creek watershed, Michigan. http://gis.calvin.edu/PlasterCreek/PC/ (Version 2).

2011 Selles, O, VanHorn, JE, and D Warners. Calvin Tree Inventory. An online mashup of the Calvin College trees. http://gis.calvin.edu/trees.

2011 VanHorn, JE. Spatial Perspectives | Comparing Grand Rapids, Michigan. An online mash up for scale comparison of urban extents with Grand Rapids, Michigan. http://gis.calvin.edu/urban.

2011 VanHorn, JE and S Kenbeek. Plaster Creek Watershed GIS @ Calvin College. An online GIS system for synergy of teaching and research on the creek. http://gis.calvin.edu/PlasterCreek/PC/ (Version 1).

2010 VanHorn, JE. Map – Paterson, NJ. In Robert Schoone-Jongen, “There was work in the valley: Dutch immigration to New Jersey, 1850-1920.”  Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis 10: 56-81.

2010 VanHorn, JE and L DeVos in Christianity and modernity in Eastern Europe.  BR Berglund and B Porter-Szucs (eds.), Budapest: Central European University Press:

  • Map – Catholic participation in contemporary Poland, pg 139. In J Bjork, Bulwark or Patchwork? Religious Exceptionalism & Regional Diversity in Postwar Poland (129-158);
  • Map – Greek Catholic church in postwar western Ukraine, pg 161. In N Shlikhta, Competing Concepts of “Reunification” behind Liquidation of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (159-190);
  • Map – Communist era Romania, pg 193. In A Şincan, From Bottom to Top & Back: On How to Build a Church in Communist Romania (191-216);
  • Map – Religion in the interwar Czech lands, pg 348. In B Berglund, Drafting a Historical Geography of East European Christianity (329-372);
  • Map – Absence of religion in the Czech Republic, pg 349. In B Berglund, Drafting a Historical Geography of East European Christianity (329-372).

2009 VanHorn, JE. National Atlas for Developing Countries. An online atlas site available at             http://gis.calvin.edu/atlas/index.html.

2008 VanHorn, JE and SJ Jonker. The Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve. An online GIS system available at http://gis.calvin.edu/ccep. (Version 1) (Version 2, 2012) (Version 3, 2015)



2014 VanHorn, JE. Kurdish Conflict Database (Version 1.0), http://gis.calvin.edu/data.html.

2009 Winck, E, Bascom, J, & JE VanHorn. GeoLearner (Version 1.0) [Software]. Grand Rapids. http://www.geolearner.com

Professional associations

  • Association of American Geographers
  • American Geographical Society
  • EIS-Africa


2015 Student-Faculty Research Award at Calvin College

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