Explore the richness of Earth and its peoples in a Christian learning community.

Join a group of highly-motivated, inquisitive students to examine, investigate and analyze earth systems. Study under professors who bring years of experience, research opportunities and a distinctly Christian viewpoint to the classroom. Get ready to dive in to an active scientific community.


Examine the formation, history, composition, structure and processes of planet Earth. Learn to apply your knowledge, and your faith, to solving practical problems.


Investigate physical and cultural landscapes, their resulting interactions and the effects they have on creating societies.

Environmental Studies

Study stewardship: Analyze Earth's environmental systems and learn how to effectively serve God in their care and preservation.

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Major, Minor and Programs

Majors, Minors and Programs
Explore the geology major, environmental science major (geology emphasis) and more.


Our hands-on research program lets you study Michigan's coastal dunes up close.

Dice Museum

Dice Museum
Our collection, gifted by Geology alumnus, hosts over 300 mineral, meteorite and fossil specimens.

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