Program details

For more information about our program—including core requirements, elective options, and 4-year models for each of our four areas of concentration—see our Advising page.

At Calvin College, engineers don’t just solve problems—we’re rebuilding a broken world. Blend your technical skills with the study of literature, philosophy, religion and history to foster a Christ-centered vision of life that is effective and sensitive to society’s needs.

Christian engineers have a higher calling to understand the society in which we live and work. Our solutions should not be limited to a single problem, but contribute to a broader vision of Christian citizenship.




Popular non-engineering minors

Many engineering students expand their academic experience with a minor in another field. While almost any minor can work well with an engineering degree, the following minors are particularly popular with Calvin engineering students:

Degree designations

Labs and projects

Labs and projects are a part of many engineering courses at Calvin, beginning with Engineering 101 during the fall semester of freshman year and ending with a Senior Design project. These add strong hands-on experiences to your classes, making the ideas clear by putting the tools for solving problems directly into your hands.

Engineering 101

Immerse yourself in the design process and serve our local community by working with local organizations to create something that makes a tangible difference.

Senior Design Project

Cap off your time at Calvin with a major project that puts what you’ve learned into action. See past projects and learn more.