Applying to medical or dental school is a challenging process with many detailed steps. This guide gives you an overview of the process and some resources to direct your efforts.

Specific course requirements to enter medical or dental school are minimal, which puts a lot of weight on academic excellence. Excellent performance on MCAT or DAT exams, life experiences, and familiarity with the professions are also important. Calvin will provide you with the guidance, the experience, and everything else you need to pursue medical school, dental school, and beyond.

From relevant high school coursework and sending your application to one of the central application services, down to recommendations and interviews, Calvin's established process will help you get accepted to graduate school and follow your calling into medicine.


This is a suggested time line for a “typical” student. It can easily be modified, for example, for transfer students, students who enter the pre-med/dent program late or students who plan to study off-campus for a semester.