Train to empower people of all ages who find daily tasks challenging due to a physical, developmental or mental condition.

The pre-occupational therapy program at Calvin is designed to prepare you for entry into a master's level occupational therapy program. As a professional in this applied science, you'll enable your patients by teaching them the skills they need to function and contribute to society. The five-year program is comprised of three years at Calvin and two years at Washington University where you'll receive your clinical training. Upon completion of your second year at Washington, you'll receive your MSOT—master of science in occupational therapy—degree.

Related classes at Calvin

Human Anatomy, Anatomical Kinesiology, Developmental Psychology

Education after Calvin

Complete 2–3 years in an occupational therapy program leading to a masters of science in occupational therapy (MSOT). Additional years can lead to a doctorate in occupational therapy (OTD).

Student involvement

Volunteer at local hospitals and senior centers; attend lectures sponsored by the biology and chemistry departments; spend the summer assisting a professor with research; intern at Van Andel Institute; work as a Camp Counselor at a camp for adults with special needs.

At Calvin, you have two options for preparing for admission to a graduate program in occupational therapy.
Option 1: Completion of a Bachelors Degree

While admission to most MSOT and OTD programs requires a bachelors degree, a particular major is not required, as long as specified prerequisite courses are taken. If you choose this option, you will take courses that fulfill requirements for completion of a Calvin degree (popular majors include Psychology, Spanish, and Recreation Therapy) and fulfill requirements for graduate school admissions. While prerequisites vary between graduate schools, most include: BIOL-141, BIOL-205, BIOL-206; PSYC-151, PSYC-201; and MATH-143 or PSYC-255.

Option 2: 3-2 Combined Curriculum Program

Calvin offers a combined curriculum with the Program in Occupational Therapy at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO.

If you choose this option, you will spend three years at Calvin taking the following courses:

If you meet the Washington University admissions requirements and are accepted into the MSOT or OTD program, you will spend the next two years at Washington University for clinical training. (NOTE: Participation in the 3-2 program does not guarantee admission to Washington University).

Upon successful completion of your first year at Washington University, you will receive a Bachelor of Science in Letters and Occupational Therapy from Calvin.

Upon completion of your second year of study at Washington University, you will receive a MSOT. If you are in the OTD program, the doctoral degree will be awarded at the end of your third year of graduate studies.

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