Do you have a sense, however big or small, that God is calling you to Christian leadership and church ministry?

The Jubilee Fellows program accepts 12 juniors each year to participate in a year-long program that includes a weekly for-credit seminar course in the spring, a 10-week ministry internship in the summer and an on-campus service component in the fall.



Jubilee Fellows are students who have been accepted into the Jubilee Fellows Program. This program is designed for twelve promising students who are strongly inclined toward Christian leadership and church ministry, and it aims to foster the next generation of church leaders. Students sometimes have a sense that God is calling them to ministry, but they aren't sure what job they should pursue or what steps they should take after graduating from Calvin. Others may already have a sense that God is calling them to continue their studies in seminary, or pursue a particular job in church ministry. In either case, the Jubilee Fellows Program seeks to help these students explore their vocational calling through interdisciplinary learning, mentoring, and ministry experience.

"Without this experience, I don't know when I would have figured out that I have a desire to be a pastor," commented Kellan Day, a former Jubilee Fellow. "I think I will definitely pursue seminary a year after I graduate."

Jubilee Fellows participate in a lively program. During the spring semester of their junior year, they take a seminar course which studies the vision, lives, and theologies of those who have made great contributions to the Christian church through the centuries. They learn about spiritual disciplines, such as personal and communal prayer, and reading and memorizing scripture. They read a variety of books, both historical and contemporary, listen to guest speakers, and do a bit of personal research on a Christian leader of their choosing. The semester-long course meets weekly over dinner to foster fellowship and a sense of community among the Jubilee Fellows and the course instructors.

Following the course, Jubilee Fellows set out on ten-week summer internships in congregations throughout North America. This component of the program is often the highlight for students, providing them with first-hand experience in the day to day life of a church. "I feel more passionate, committed, focused, and refreshed to serve others," says former Jubilee Fellow Josh Song. "This internship served as a reawakening of passion for the work of the Kingdom of God in my life."

We also pair Fellows with strong mentors on the pastoral staff of the internship churches. The mentors will walk alongside the Fellows, not only providing them with work to do, but also with honest feedback on their peformance, spiritual direction and encouragement, and the opportunity to learn from someone working daily in church ministry.

Upon returning, Jubilee Fellows participate in a ministry-related service initiative at Calvin or in their local congregation. Students take what they have learned from their internships and find creative ways to use their gifts, whether it's helping Calvin students participate in church life in Grand Rapids, leading a small group, or partnering with existing programs on campus.

Students are selected based on their academic achievement, service and leadership within the Christian community, written application, and interview. Applicants must be of junior standing to take part in the program.

Applications for the 2019 program will be available in mid-September. Interviews are held and the final selections are made in October, before fall academic advising.

Jubilee Fellows receive a $4,000 fellowship for their participation in the program. The stipend is paid incrementally throughout the program year. They are also reimbursed for a portion of their summer living and travel expenses.

The Program Requirements outline all of the mandatory dates and commitments for the Jubilee Fellows Program. It is assumed that these important components will be prioritized over other commitments. Careful consultation with the Jubilee Fellows Director or Program Coordinator will help determine whether time and opportunity permit you to serve in multiple roles.


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