Do an internship in China or Japan

The Asian Studies Program can arrange for any of our outstanding Chinese or Japanese Language majors to do an English-teaching experience in either China or Japan.
Summer interns would have to pay for their own airfare, but we would attempt to arrange homestays with Chinese or Japanese families, so that housing and some meals would not have to be paid. Students doing such an internship would, however, have to pay for some of their meals as well as other living expenses.

In the past our Japan summer interns have spent the month of August in beautiful Hikone, Japan, a castle town of around 100,000 people on the shores of Lake Biwa. Here they will do homestays with Japanese families while leading small conversation groups in English with Japanese people of various age groups.

Previous China summer interns have spent most of the month of July teaching English to groups of Chinese junior high school students in the Beijing area, where they are housed in a hotel near the school at which they have taught.

Interested students should contact Professor Larry Herzberg, Director of Asian Studies, at for more information. Please note that these internships are limited to students at Calvin University who are majoring in either Chinese or Japanese.