Graduate School

Nathan Scott was given a fellowship at the University of Michigan to obtain a Master's in Japanese, after spending three years as a JET teacher in Japan. As part of this fellowship, Nate was given a full tuition waiver plus a living stipend of $14,000. He then went on to obtain a Law Degree from the University of Michigan, and is now practicing immigration law in the United States.

Michael Wright studied four years of Chinese at Calvin, then obtained a Master's degree in Chinese from the John Hopkins Center for Chinese Studies at Nanjing University. After getting a law degree from the University of Michigan, Michael now practices international law with a top firm in Chicago.

Josh Gilliland received a scholarship to enter Ohio State University, to study for a master's in Chinese. He was the only non-native speaker of Chinese to be given a teaching assistantship in Chinese at Ohio State University.

David Bratt received a fellowship to do graduate work in Chinese history at Stanford University, after having studied Chinese for three years at Calvin and participated in our Beijing Semester Program.

Michael Brasser, received a fellowship to completely finance his graduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley in Computational Linguistics. Michael combined his knowledge of both computers and Chinese in his work as the only foreign computer scientist at a private computer company in Beijing, where he worked for three years.