Calvin College Rehabilitation Clinics provide students in our speech pathology program with rich educational and exciting clinical opportunities.

Our Clinics

Calvin Speech Pathology and Audiology has two rehabilitation clinics, offering a continuum of care for our clients. Our services include speech therapy, physical therapy (CCRS Location), occupational therapy, audiology, and social work. Clients are placed at a clinic location depending on a variety of factors, including insurance benefits, severity of condition, and availabilty at the clinic.

Two Training Locations

Our Calvin College Rehabilitation Services (CCRS) location is a high-quality rehabilitation clinic that is available for externship placement by our second-year graduate students. At our rehabilitation clinic, you will receive a variety of experiences, including swallowing evaluations (FEES), LSVT LOUD therapy for Parkinson's patients, pediatric speech & language disorders, and social thinking therapy groups.

Our Calvin Speech & Hearing Clinic on campus is a place for first-year graduate students to expand and enrich their clinical skills. Each student will have three semesters working in the on campus clinic, under supervision by licensed speech-language pathologists. Students experience the complete clinical process, including initial evaluations and reports, treatment plans, medical records, and progress or discharge reports. The clinic offers adult and pediatric speech therapy, audiology and aural rehabilitation services, as well as providing collaboration experience with the pediatric occupational therapy clinic, a partnership with Western Michigan University.

To learn more about Calvin Rehabilitation Clinics, or to register as a client, please visit the Calvin Collge Rehabilitation Clinics website.