As health care changes are implemented, opportunities for careers in public health are expected to grow over the next ten years. At Calvin, you'll not only be trained in big-picture health concepts, but also in specific areas based on your individual career goals.

Preparing you for your future

A degree in public health at Calvin will equip you to go directly into the workforce—or, to take the next step with a graduate degree. Upon graduation from Calvin, you’ll be able to:


public health from a global perspective in developing countries.


how biological, psychological, social and cultural factors impact disease production and health promotion.


biostatistical skills to address population-wide needs.

Careers to consider

A degree in public health can lead you to a variety of careers, including:

  • Research epidemioligist
  • Health educator
  • Community health worker
  • Legislative policy advisor
  • Restaurant inspector
  • Occupational health and safety technician
  • Communications specialist
  • Federal environmentalist
  • Tropical disease specialist
  • Public health lawyer
  • Nutritionist
  • Nurse educator
  • Healthcare management/consulting
  • Disaster and Emergency Relief Coordinator
  • Midwife or Birthing Assistant
  • Community Development Worker