How to apply for scholarships

The application forms for named scholarships are available every year beginning December 1 and must be submitted by February 1. All of the scholarships for both prospective, first year students and current students are available online. All students who will be enrolled next academic year are encouraged to apply.

Beals, Stephen P. Family Scholarship $2,400 JR/SR 3.00
Blok, Dr. Robert J. Scholarship $2,300 JR/SR 3.00
Boerman, Ivan E. and Rebecca J. Pre-Dental Scholarship $2,800 SO 3.20
Bolt, Bretton and Kimberly Family Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 3.00
Bratt, Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Medical and Missions Scholarship $2,300 JR/SR 3.00
Calvin Dental Scholarship $2,500 JR/ SR 3.50
Cook, Dr. James A. Scholarship $4,900 FR 3.00
Cooper, Dr. Karen A. and Dr. Clifford S. Cho Family Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 3.50
Crum, Gertrude LaBotz, M.D. Scholarship $5,000 JR/SR 2.50
Deckinga, Bruce and Joanne/Compassion International Scholarship $2,800 SO/JR/SR 3.00
DeWeerd, Kathryn Memorial Scholarship $2,000 JR/SR 3.00
Dirkse, Dr. Paul and Mrs. Doris Health Care Scholarship $2,000 JR/SR 3.00
Dood, Arnold and Mary Medical Services Scholarship $3,300 SO/JR/SR 3.30
Dragt, Gerrit, Beulah, and Robert Memorial Scholarship $2,500 FR 3.50
God Has No Border Medical Scholarship $2,800 FR 3.00
Gronsman, Carl and Sandra Family Scholarship $1,700 JR/SR 2.75
Haeck, William and Winifred Medical Scholarship $2,200 JR/SR 3.30
Harkema, James and Beatrice Family Scholarship $3,300 JR/SR 3.00
Haveman, James and Barbara Family Scholarship $2,900 FR/SO/JR/SR 3.00
Heetderks, Dewey and Marilyn Family Medical Scholarship $2,000 JR/SR 3.30
Hoekstra, Dr. Roger A. and Bradley J. Memorial Scholarship $2,000 JR/SR 3.00
Huizenga, Ann, Myrtle, Eunice, Faith and Marie Scholarship for Women $2,500 JR/SR 3.20
Huizenga, Dr. and Mrs. Lee S. Memorial Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 3.20
Kraay Family Legacy $2,600 FR 2.50
Lindsten-McQueen Occupational Therapy Scholarship $4,000 SO/JR/SR 3.00
Masselink, William J. and Glenda Scholarship $2,200 JR/SR 3.00
Meeuwsen, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Medical Scholarship $2,700 SO/JR/SR 3.30
Molewyk, Donald and Kathleen Family Scholarship $2,300 SR 3.50
Oostendorp, Mike and Bette Family Scholarship $2,600 JR/SR 3.00
Overbeck, Renee E. Scholarship $2,500 FR 3.50
Pool Family Scholarship $2,300 JR/SR 3.50
Schutt, Paul and Thelma Family Medical Scolarship $3,100 JR/SR 3.00
Strikwerda, Drs. Richard James and Susan Beving Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 3.50
Strikwerda, James and Dolly (Hoffman) Family Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 2.50
Struyk, John R. and Annie Family Scholarship $1,900 JR/SR 3.00
Tigchelaar, Peter V. Pre-Medical/Dental Scholarship $3,600 JR/SR 3.50
Timmer, Kenneth and Phyllis Family Scholarship $3,000 JR 2.50
VanderBok, Arnold and Janice Family Scholarship $2,000 FR 2.50
VanderLaan, Joseph and Ralph Gelmer Memorial Scholarship $2,150 JR/SR 2.50
VanderVeer, Dr. Corwin G. and Ina June Family Medical Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 3.30
VanDommelen, Dr. Glenn Family Medical Scholarship $2,200 SR 2.50
VanHeuvelen, Raymond and Florence Memorial Scholarship $2,500 JR/SR 3.00
Venema, William and Lois Pre-Dental Scholarship $1,900 JR/SR 3.00
VerMeulen, Victor Medical Scholarship $2,200 JR/SR 3.00
Wagner/Vander Wagen, John and Louise Memorial Scholarship $2,100 JR/SR 3.00
Watts Family Scholarship $1,800 FR 3.20
West Michigan Optometric Scholarship $3,200 JR/SR 3.00
West Michigan Pre-Physical Therapy Scholarship $2,500 JR 3.40
Wilderom, Dr. Morris Scholarship $2,300 JR/SR 2.50
Zifferblatt, Steven M. Memorial Scholarship $3,900 SR 3.00