Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships

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Scholarships that get you—and get you where you’re going

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December 1 – January 31


What are named scholarships?

Named scholarships are:

  • community-funded scholarships that honor your story
  • a form of gift aid that does not need to be repaid
  • just one of many ways Calvin helps you.

Calvin’s extensive network of alumni and friends have created over 1,400 scholarships that fit students for their specific journeys—what they’re studying, what careers they’re called to in the future, and so much more. Over 400 of these scholarships are awarded to incoming students each year.

Why are the scholarships “named”? Because they’re gifts from real people who care about your success.

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Quick facts (2022–2023)



Over $5 million awarded to students.


Over 400 first-year students received scholarship awards.


1,170 Calvin students received 1,475 individual scholarship awards.


100% of Calvin students receive financial aid.

Awesome — when do I apply?

Admitted Calvin students can apply for named scholarships from December 1 to January 31.

These scholarships are competitive and some require additional materials or a music audition. Named scholarships consider a variety of criteria, including:

  • financial need,
  • program of interest,
  • residency,
  • where you’re from,
  • diversity,
  • participation in extracurricular activities,
  • and plans after graduation.

Applying for 1,400 scholarships sounds overwhelming, but Calvin makes it simple. You don’t have to go through the list and figure out what you’re eligible for. Just submit your information on one application and you’ll automatically be considered for the scholarships where you meet the donor’s requirements.

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Can I see examples?

Browse named scholarships (2024–2025)

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What’s my next step?

Apply for Scholarships
December 1 – January 31


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