Seven students worked with four professors on Physics and Astronomy projects. Two other students worked on inter-disciplinary projects with Biology and Physics professors.

Student summer research fellows at Calvin participate in the annual summer research poster fair, held in October. They also prepare a synopsis (a one page summary) of their research experience, providing relevant background as well as a statement of the problem, describing the research methods, giving any results to date and indicating how the research benefitted them personally.

Recent Developments on the Mergeburst Prediction: Evan Cook, Chris Jang and Professor Larry Molnar .

Dynamics of the Algol Triple Star System Kenton Greene and Professor Larry Molnar.

Distinguishing Multiple Stellar Populations of Star Clusters M56 and M13: Zach Bruce, Peyton Benac (high school student) and Professor Jason Smolinski.

Zach Bruce
(poster / synopsis)

Evan Cook
(poster / synopsis)

Kenton Greene
(poster / synopsis)

Chris Jang
(poster / synopsis)

Optical physics project

Optical measurements of polariton strong coupling in semiconductor microcavities: Jacob Hartman and Professor Ryan Balili

Jacob Hartman
(poster / synopsis)

Biophysics project

Brian Seper (high school student), Andrew Folkerts and Aaron Abma worked with Professor Paul Harper.

Aaron Abma
Methylene Volume and Phase Transition Kinetics in Medium Chain Monoglycerides and Alkanes 
(poster / synopsis

Andrew Folkerts
Structural and kinetic studies of the cubic and hexagonal phases of MNd
(poster / synopsis)

Interdisciplinary projects

Investigating how UV exposure activates K+ channels in corneal epithelial cells using electrophysiology 
Peter Boersma, Professor Loren Haarsma (Physics) and Professor John Ubels (Biology).

Scientist in Congress: an archival study of Vernon J. Ehlers: Julia LaPlaca and Professor  Matt Walhout