Jason Smolinski

Jason Smolinski


  • BS in Physics with Astronomy concentration, Central Michigan University, 2005
  • MS in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Michigan State University, 2008
  • PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Michigan State University, 2011

Professional experience

  • Assistant Professor, Calvin College, 2014-present
  • Assistant Professor, State University of New York College at Oneonta, 2011-2014

Academic interests

My research interests specifically revolve around utilizing chemical information from stars to distinguish different populations of stars within individual globular star clusters. This is done using spectroscopic and/or photometric data from telescopes like the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and others, with the goal of resolving the nature and formation history of these stellar populations.


“Big Bang: From Myths to Model”. J. P. Smolinski, Cognella Academic Publishing. San Diego, CA: January 2017 (1st Edition)

“Building the Galactic Halo from Globular Clusters: Evidence from Chemically Unusual Red Giants.” S. L. Martell, J. P. Smolinski, T. C. Beers, and E. K. Grebel.  2011, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 534, A136

“A Survey of CN and CH Variations in Galactic Globular Clusters from SDSS Spectroscopy.” J. P. Smolinski, S. L. Martell, T. C. Beers, and Y. S. Lee.  2011, Astronomical Journal, 142, 126

“The SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline.  IV.  Validation with an Extended Sample of Galactic Globular and Open Clusters.”  J. P. Smolinski, Y. S. Lee, T. C. Beers, D. An, S. J. Bickerton, J. A. Johnson, C. P. Loomis, C. M. Rockosi, T. Sivarani, and B. Yanny.  2011, Astronomical Journal, 141, 89

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