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Jellema Lecture Series

For the past thirty years, the philosophy department at Calvin has brought some of the greatest minds in Christian philosophy and theology to participate in this prestigious lecture series. This prestigious lecture series is free and open to the public; we hope you'll join us.

William Harry Jellema (1893-1982) was the founder of Calvin's philosophy department. A brilliant and inspiring teacher, Professor Jellema graced the college with his presence from 1920 to 1936, and again--after a 12-year stint at the University of Indiana--from 1948 to 1963. Together with his colleagues, he produced a generation of students for which Calvin's philosophy department has justly won national--indeed, international--recognition. Jellema has the unique honor of having three of his students elected President of the American Philosophical Association, and two of his students delivering the prestigious Gifford Lectures. In the words of a former student, Kenneth Konyndyk, Jellema was everything a professor should be: "stately, dignified, erudite, insightful, and thoroughly in command of his subject." A brief account of his career is presented on the walls of the Philosophy Department.

Past Jellema series lecturers

2017 Jellema Lectures

Christian Miller, Wake Forest University

March 8, 7:00pm, Meeter Center Lecture Hall

"Test of Character: How Good (or Bad) Are We?"

March 9, 3:30pm, Meeter Center Lecture Hall

"Test of Character: Improving our Character"

Stob Lecture Series

The Stob Lectures are sponsored annually by Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary in honor of Dr. Henry J. Stob. Their subject matter is related to the fields of ethics, apologetics and philosophical theology. The Stob Lectures are funded by the Henry J. Stob Endowment and are administered by a committee including the presidents of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary.

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