Bottle and box for the Measles vaccination

MEASLES - Kent County Health Department recommends vaccination against measles and enhanced screening in all health centers. Currently, there are no known cases in Kent County. Although, 99.9% of our student body is vaccinated against measles, some are allergic or on a medication that does not allow them to get vaccinated. If you traveled to an area known to have a measles outbreak, contact Health Services for information about early symptoms. If you are pregnant or taking an immune-compromising medication, it is important to ask your provider questions so you understand your risks. We are here to answer any questions. Call us at (616) 526-6187. For more information go to:

Do you have an emergency? Call 3-3333.

Health Services is a comprehensive primary care office with an array of additional support such as psychiatry, ADHD care, allergy shots, sports medicine and dietician services on site.

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All about insurance and billing

  • We participate with 98% of the student body's insurance providers.
  • Explore the student health insurance plan available to any Calvin student taking 6 credits or more.
  • Call Health Services with any questions about your Health Services charges.
  • Co-payments and deductibles are expected at the time of the visit or ask to have charges added to you miscellaneous account.

Checklist for new students

  • All of the following requirements can be completed through the Patient Portal
    • Health entrance form
    • Insurance information or application for the student health plan
    • Immunization record

Services we offer

  • ADHD services

    Calvin’s Health Services is able to manage the medication treatment for students with ADHD. To expedite the transfer of care to one of our physicians, it is important to have all of the student’s medical records transferred to our office prior to that first appointment. To expedite the transfer of care to one of our physicians, it is important to have all of the student’s medical records transferred to our office prior to that first appointment. Transitioning to higher education can be challenging and our clinicians are experts in caring for ADHD in the university setting. When necessary, our physicians can work in collaboration with the Center for Academic Success, Disability Services, and Center for Counseling and Wellness. Please click here to learn how to transfer care to Health Services regarding ADHD medication while attending Calvin University.

  • Allergy shots

    For allergy injections, the first injection must be given in the allergist office. Students are recommended to bring their allergy serum to Health Services along with detailed instructions and allergy injection schedules signed by their allergy care provider. The serum may be stored at Health Services. Moreover, a university physician must be present when injections are administered, so appointments are required. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance provider to verify that services are covered under their plan. Please click here for more information.

  • Immunizations

    All students coming to Calvin University are required to meet immunization criteria. Health Services staff follow CDC guidelines to promote the health of the entire student body. Faculty and staff may also use Health Services for travel immunizations, and the yearly influenza vaccine. Please click here for more information.

  • Laboratory Services

    Office based laboratory tests may be done in the course of an office visit. For students who need additional laboratory tests, samples may be drawn in Health Services and sent to Spectrum Health, which provides service as the regional reference laboratory. Coverage for laboratory tests are dependant on student's insurance.

    To schedule a laboratory test, students can call Health Services or visit one of the following laboratory sites:

    • Spectrum Health Lab (Heritage Pointe)
      2060 East Paris Ave SE
      Phone: 616-486-9070
    • Spectrum Health Lab
      1000 East Paris Ave SE
      Phone: 616-391-1625
    • Spectrum Health Lab
      4600 Breton Rd. SE
      Phone: 616-391-9743

  • Mental health services

    Health Services provides assessment and medication management for mental health concerns. We have two psychiatrists available upon referral..

  • Nutrition and healthy eating services

    Registered dietitians are available for scheduled consultations and counseling for students on special diets, and for those with questions about healthy eating or disordered eating. Student athletes may wish to schedule consultations with dieticians for nutritional guidance for peak performance.

  • Physical exams

    Comprehensive yearly physical exams as well as brief exams for employment or volunteer opportunities can be scheduled through Health Services. Athletic physicals are scheduled through the athletic training office. For more information about athletic physicals, please visit Calvin's sports medicine website.

  • Sexual Assault, STD diagnosis and treatment

    Confidential evaluation and treatment is available through Health Services. In the case of sexual assault, the SANE nurse examiner program is also available 24 hours a day.

  • Sports medicine

    Dr. Edwin Kornoelje, Calvin’s team physician, is available most Thursday afternoons for evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation for Calvin University students and athletes. He is also available for appointments at his private office.

    Metro Health Cascade
    4300 Cascade SE
    Phone: 616-252-1500

    We recommend that students with msculoskeletal concerns make an appointment with Dr. Kornoelje for evaluation. In case of an urgent need after hours, Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan has walk-in hours from 5:00-9:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Travel health and immunization office

    The Travel Health and Immunization office provides comprehensive travel health services to students, staff and faculty of Calvin University, and immunizations for students of both Calvin University and Kuyper College. Travel health providers are members of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM), and follow the most current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA). Please click here for more information.

  • Women's Health

    Health Services provides gynecologic care including exams, pap smears, pre-marital consultation, and pregnancy testing.

Off-campus medical services

Other medical services are available off campus. We've composed a referrals list to help you find the services you need and that we trust.