Enrollment in the United HealthCare Student Plan

If a student’s insurance is not valid in Michigan, or if a student does not have health insurance, enrollment in the United HealthCare Student Plan is required. Enrollment is required for all international students. You are eligible for this Student Plan if you are a:

  • Current student: taking 6 or more credit hours at Calvin
  • Calvin graduate: if you graduate in April, you are still covered until August 15 of the policy year
  • Spouse/dependent: coverage may be purchased for spouses and dependent child(ren) under age 19
  • Student on parents’ plan: families may decide to supplement a current policy with the United HealthCare Student Plan. In this case, the United HealthCare Student Plan will be the secondary plan when used off-campus. After the primary plan has paid on a claim, submit any excess amount (for covered accident or illness) to United HealthCare Student Resources at United HealthCare Student Resources

More info

For further details of the coverage including exclusions, limitations and benefits, contact United HealthCare StudentResources Customer Service through email or at 888-643-6774.

Through www.UHCSR.com, you can access your insurance information at any time. The site provides online access to coverage information and claims status. Visit the site to create a free account.

Coverage cost & duration

Annual coverage for the 2023-2024 academic year begins on August 15, 2023, and continues through August 14, 2024. The premium is $2100. Spring/Summer coverage begins January 1, 2024 and continues through August 14, 2024. Fall coverage is available for students who are graduating in December and begins on August 15, 2023 and continues through December 31, 2023.

Once enrolled, the insurance premium will be billed to the student’s Workday account, and payment can be made through the same channels as all other charges (see Financial Services for more information on payment methods).

Coverage cannot be canceled after October 1st for the Fall or Annual plan or after February 15 for the Spring plan. (International Students cannot waive out of the plan after August 15). No waivers will be accepted after those dates and no refunds will be given. Students who miss the annual or spring open enrollment dates will have an opportunity to join the plan; however, no pro-rated premium is available.

Coverage for medical services

2023-24 United HealthCare International Student Plan Brochure

2023-24 United HealthCare Domestic Student Plan Brochure


On-campus care

The United HealthCare Student Plan will pay unlimited benefits for covered services at the Health Center (including visit costs and lab tests). These services are provided for current students only. A referral list of area providers is available for spouses and dependents.

All prescription medications dispensed from the health center are covered at 100%. Over the counter medications are not covered by this plan.

Off-campus care

If you need to receive care off-campus, we highly recommend that you see a Preferred Provider, or someone who is in-network with United HealthCare. To find someone in-network with United HealthCare, visit Rally Connect Tool to find a provider or facility near you. There is a $50 copay for off-campus physician visits.

The United HealthCare Student Plan has a one-time $500 deductible per policy year for medical services received off-campus at a preferred provider. It is common to receive this charge the first time you use off-campus services.

You need to carry your insurance card at all times. Most health care providers will file a claim for you.


The United HealthCare Student Plan will pay for prescription drugs at area pharmacies per policy year. There is a $25.00 copay for tier 1 (most generic drugs), and a $50.00 copay for brand name drugs (tier 2). Some higher tier drugs have copays of 50%.

On campus, there are no copays for prescription medications. Over the counter medications are not covered by this plan.

Emergency room treatment

You may receive benefits for the emergency room. However, there must be a diagnosed sickness or accident, and it must be considered an emergency (life threatening). There is a $300 co-pay for emergency room visits that will be waived if you are admitted.

If you need to be hospitalized, the United HealthCare Student Plan will pay 70% of the Preferred Allowance. Other benefits are payable for surgeries, anesthetist, etc.

Diagnostic tests and lab services

Diagnostic x-rays, tests, procedures and laboratory services are covered under the Outpatient Miscellaneous benefit. These tests are covered at 70% for covered illnesses and injuries for preferred providers.

Mental health services

The United HealthCare Student Plan covers 70% of off-campus costs after deductible. On-campus visits to Center for Counseling and Wellness are free-of-charge. Psychiatric and attention-deficit evaluation and treatment are available on a part-time basis. If you are seen by one of these on-campus Calvin or UnitedHealthcare-contracted providers, you will receive 100% coverage, minus the office visit copay.

Other features and benefits
  • Global Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Return of Mortal Remains
  • StudentResources Online Services