We are excited to roll out a new payment system using Workday. We appreciate your patience! We hope these steps will make the university processes more efficient, and improve the student experience. Our staff is ready to help you as we all work our way through the upgrade.

Tuition is paid through Workday

Student payments

Students will pay their tuition in the Finances App of Workday. Under My Account, you'll be able to see account balances, make payments, or set up payment plans.

Third-party payments

Before parents, guardians or other third parties can see student account balances, make payments, or set up payment plans, students must first initiate access for them in Workday. After the student designates a third-party user, that person will receive two emails with login credentials (for security purposes, the first with a username and the second with a password) and a link to their own Workday proxy account.

Please see step-by-step instructions to complete the proxy process found at calvin.edu/go/workday under the "Information for..." section for Parents. Here you’ll find a helpful short video overview of the proxy process as well as downloadable step-by-step instructions both students and their designated third-party users can follow. Please review these resources carefully prior to designating proxy access.

Once students grant access and parents, guardians or other third party users have received their login credentials via email, use this link to login to the Workday proxy site: http://calvin.edu/go/proxylogin. Please note that this login will only work after students designate third party users and those third party users register for and receive access.

Guest & Trip Deposit payments - For Student Accounts (Current & Alumni)

Guests who do not need to see account information or set up payment plans may also make payments. Make a secure payment without log-in information. This is a one time payment tool.

International payments

International students may pay through Workday or directly through Flywire. For further instructions about Flywire payments, check their website.