Workday at Calvin

The workday logoWorkday is an innovative, cloud-based, mobile-friendly technology solution that supports Calvin University’s student records, human resources, and financial functions.

For students, Workday is Calvin's main information system for student records, including billing and payments, financial aid, academic progress, class schedules, grades, transcripts, and more. As a Calvin student, you'll have anytime, anywhere access for many tasks that you perform on a regular basis -- from class registration, changing your major, and viewing your grades, to paying your bills and reviewing your financial aid. You can also use Workday to apply to and submit time for an on-campus job.

See below for more information about how to use Workday in your role at Calvin. Students, faculty, and staff can also log into our Workday Help site on SharePoint to access a full library of step-by-step guides, quick guides, video tutorials, and more.


Information for...

  • Students

    Accessing and Using Workday

    Calvin students can access Workday at:

    If you need your parent(s) or another person to view/pay your bill, you as the student need to give them access to your information in Workday. This process is called "third-party proxy." See this step-by-step guide for how to set up third-party proxy. (More information about third-party proxy and resources for proxy users can be found below under the "Parents" heading.)

    Registration Information

    As a student, you will use Workday to track and manage your academic journey at Calvin. In Workday, you will plan your schedule, register for classes (after your first semester*), view your grades, track your progress toward majors and minors, and more. 

    See these guides for help with common tasks:

    Visit our full library of Workday help, including additional quick guides, videos, and step-by-step guides, by logging in with your Calvin credentials to the Workday Help site.

    *First year students: the Registrar's Office will register first year students for their first semester of courses. Additional information can be found by visiting the Center for Student Success.

    Student Finances and Financial Aid

    You will use Workday for your student finances at Calvin, including account activity, billing, and payments; signing up for a payment plan; viewing your financial aid; accepting or declining federal student loans; and giving your parent or another person access to view and pay your bill. Please see this page for step-by-step guides:

    More in Workday Student

    As a student, you will also use Workday to manage your personal information, and to apply, enter hours, and manage pay for on-campus jobs.

    See these quick guides for help with common tasks:

    Need Help?

    Visit our Workday Help site for step-by-step guides and additional contact information for help with most tasks in Workday. If you or your parent/proxy user are having trouble logging in, contact Calvin's IT HelpDesk at

  • Faculty & Staff

    HR and Finance

    Faculty and staff use Workday to view information and complete a number of Human Resources and finance functions, including:

    Managers and budget officers also review and approve time and expenses in Workday.

    Workday Student for Faculty and Staff

    Faculty and staff use Workday to:

    To get started in Workday, watch this video or read the quick guide to Workday basics and navigation for faculty and academic staff, the Advising Handbook and other teaching and advising resources on SharePoint.

    Workday Help

    Our Workday Help SharePoint site includes an extensive library of resources including job aids, video tutorials, quick guides, FAQs, and more.

    Still have questions? Contact the relevant office for assistance with particular tasks. If you need additional access or are having technical difficulty using Workday, contact the CIT HelpDesk

  • Parents

    Student records, including tuition statements, billing and payments, financial aid, course registrations, grades, and transcripts are maintained in Workday. Students may give access to some of their information in Workday to their parents, guardians or any other person they choose. This access is called "third-party proxy" in Workday.

    Instructions for parent/third-party proxy access:

    To give someone access to their information in Workday (including the ability to view and pay a bill on their behalf), students must complete a two-part process. First, the student must add you to their "friends and family" in Workday, and then use a process called "manage permissions" to tell Workday what access to give you. The student chooses what access to grant, and the student can change or remove that access at any time via Workday.

    After a student designates you as a third-party proxy user, you will receive 2 emails with a username and temporary password, and a link to your Workday proxy account. Please be sure to save your username and bookmark the login page - it's a different page than what your student uses to log in! 

    Please see our step-by-step instructions for setting up and using third-party proxy in Workday:

    Please note: while Calvin University staff can view selected student information, Workday security protocols that protect student data prevent university staff from being able to grant student account access to a parent. The process must be initiated by the student.


    • What should I do if my student has not granted me access to their financial aid, tuition statements, or grades?
      Parents should discuss plans for access to their student’s academic and financial information directly with their student.

    • Can I be given access to just grades, or just student financial information?
      Yes. Students have the option of providing parent access to grades, financial aid awards, billing statements, and/or payments. Students select which access to give.

    • Can students grant access to more than one parent or guardian?
      Yes. Students can select multiple people, and provide different access to each person (academic, financial, or both).

    • Can multiple students grant me access?
      Yes. After the first student grants you access, each additional student must use the exact same name and email address for you when adding you to their friends and family. They must complete the "manage permissions" step to select what information to share with you. Once that's done, Workday will link the additional student(s) to your existing Workday proxy account, and you will be able to login with the same username and select which of your students to view while in Workday.
    • What information does my student need in order to provide parental access?
      At minimum, the student must provide your name and email address. (If another student, such as a sibling, already added you, make sure to provide the exact same name and email so that the accounts can be linked.) If you are a Calvin employee, it works best to use a personal (non-Calvin) email address for your third-party proxy account. 

    • Once my student has granted me access in Workday, how do I go about viewing this information?
      You will receive two emails containing your Workday login credentials as well as a link to your Workday proxy account. Login using these credentials. Note that parents log into a different site than what students use. The login link for parents/proxy users is:

    • Having trouble with your account?
      Contact Calvin's IT HelpDesk at Please provide your student's full name and username or student ID when contacting the HelpDesk, as well as your name and Workday username (if known).